January 12, 2022

Fujifilm tells the stories of women dealing with the sustainable revolution in their daily lives

Fujifilm's magazine Women4Women: the "Green issue" about sustainability

Women4Women: the "Green issue" about sustainability

The fourth issue of Fujifilm's magazine Women4Women, presents all the nuances of sustainability as seen through the eyes of female professionals from different geographical and professional backgrounds.

Given the current context on climate change and related consequences, Fujifilm wanted to dedicate the new issue of Women4Women to personal and corporate stories that testify to how, in the commitment for a more sustainable future, there is a need for agreed policies, but also for a broad alliance and actions by companies, institutions and citizens, as well as everyday personal and professional gestures. 

W4W develops in 104 pages with more than 30 contributors, that have presented themselves and talk about their relationship with the creation and management of  the impact on the environment and society, inside and outside Fujifilm: actions in defence of the environment, new lifestyles, sustainable solutions to satisfy daily needs, company innovations in products and processes under the banner of a new approach, awareness of the difficulties of the moment and real "conversions" under the banner of positive impact. 
The protagonists are women who work in the various "sustainable" areas and related projects and products of the Group, but also professionals with backgrounds who have an exceptional story to tell, because they have chosen sustainability as a lifestyle and have made it a profession or a commitment to the service of society.

The cover picture encompasses all the nuances of nordic landscapes and communities and introduces related projects by Valentina Tamborra, Fujifilm X-Photographer and Italian photoreporter, she loves mixing storytelling with images in her creations. Because of her spectacular work on the environment and the harmony with nature, she was chosen by the editorial staff of Women4Women, under the guidance of Luana Porfido. The selected photographs create sort of a photo gallery inside the magazine, as a personal exhibition.

“More and more women are engaged in the, so called, green revolution“

affirms Luana Porfido, Head of Corporate Communication and Integration Chief, Fujiilm Europe

„We see it in everyday life through the gestures of activists committed to awakening the conscience of society, to take action by safeguarding a sick planet. And we see it in the action of our "Green Ambassadors", women that are active in different areas, who have embraced a sustainable philosophy and made it into concrete actions. The essence of their commitment can be found in the stories of this issue of Women4Women. The clear message is: let's take an example from them, let's get inspired and join them with a simple daily gesture. Changing your lifestyle is possible, choosing to do good for the planet is no longer an option, but everyone's duty."

Fujifilm's souls are represented by several contributions: Mari Kojima , Manager of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation in Japan, is responsible for the company's sustainability policies; in telling her story, one element in particular emerges: not only the commitments on environmental impacts, but also those on people and their rights are at the heart of her profession and her daily life. Susan van der Westhuizen, from the Imaging Solutions Division of Fujifilm South Africa, talks about a business process, the printing of images, to share her thoughts on the fact that solutions exist and that partnerships encourage sustainable management of the day-to-day business. Katrine Sonnichsen, Head of Environment, Health and Safety, FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies Denmark, talks about the company's new approaches to sustainability which have also changed the way the company views its work, focusing on prevention and not just accident management. A specific point of view that has to do with people's well-being but is also connected to all other aspects of corporate and human development.

Among the external contributions, that of Marina Ovejero, an award-winning photographer from the International Association of Wedding, Family and Portrait Photographers and Filmmakers, who recounts her life in a village of 800 souls on the border between Spain and Portugal, where she has sought and found a new contact with nature and a dimension closer to the values she wants to teach her daughter. Jasmine Tuan, from Singapore, is a business consultant: her intimate story tells of a difficult past of addiction, interrupted when she became aware of the need for a personal and collective change. Her life has become one of zero waste and the 5Rs of sustainable lifestyle: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot (or compost the rest) to promote her current mantra, "buy less, own less, do more". The life of Janna Aljets, from Germany, offers a reflection on eco-feminism; an activist in the climate justice movement, she recounts her personal and professional commitment to respect for nature and the empowerment of united women, as sides of the same coin, and suggests a new political and social approach to eliminate the opposition between man-woman and man-nature, for her a symptom of the same oppression.

Sustainable development and climate change are the most critical issues of our time. Our planet is going through a very delicate phase as far as the future is concerned, and respecting the environment is a constant challenge. It is a commitment that involves everyone, not only in developing the green business of companies, but also in promoting a solid culture of sustainability that focuses on the values of environmental protection and biodiversity, the health and safety of people and human dignity at every level. To underline the commitment of the W4W editorial team to sustainability starting from now the magazine will be printed on recycled paper.

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Luana Porfido 
European Head of Corporate Communication and Integration Chief 

Annika Schulz
Internal Communication and Branding Officer
European Corporate Communications