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July 21, 2022

Fujifilm to launch two new NURA health screening centers focusing on cancer screening in India

-Further expanding health screening service business in emerging countries
-Using AI technology that assists advanced imaging for early detection of cancer and lifestyle diseases

TOKYO, July 21, 2022 – FUJIFILM Corporation (President and CEO, Representative Director: Teiichi Goto) is pleased to announce the opening of two new “NURA” health screening centers focusing on cancer and lifestyle diseases screening in India. The new NURA centers will open in Gurugram on July 21 this year, and in Mumbai in September of the same year.

In February 2021, Fujifilm opened its first NURA health screening center in Bengaluru, India to launch a health screening service business in emerging countries. NURA utilizes Fujifilm's medical devices, capable of providing high-definition images, as well as medical IT systems based on AI technology that are designed to support doctors carry out screening and tests for cancer and lifestyle diseases. With the addition of two sites in Gurugram and Mumbai, Fujifilm will offer screening for cancer and lifestyle diseases in a total of three NURA sites. The company will continue to establish new NURA sites to further expand its health screening service business in emerging countries.

[image]Reception area at the new NURA

Reception area at the new NURA

[image]CT scan at NURA

CT scan at NURA

[image]Doctor’s consultation

Doctor’s consultation

The five-year survival rate among cancer patients in India is said to be around 30 percent as opposed to 70 percent in Japan*1. It is considered that one of the factors behind the low survival rate in India is the low proliferation of health screening services, imposing practical difficulty in achieving early detection and early treatment of cancer.

The NURA center in Bengaluru is equipped with Fujifilm’s various medical devices including CT scan and mammography system, as well as an AI-based medical IT system that provides interpretation assistance to doctors, offering Japanese-style high-quality health screening services to local residents and employees of nearby companies / medical facilities. People of various age groups have experienced the screening service and are satisfied with the services NURA provides especially the convenience of being able to finish all checks in just about 120 minutes and hearing results directly from a doctor after the screening.

In the latest move, Fujifilm along with DKH will set up new NURA centers to complement the first site in Bengaluru. One will open in Gurugram, Delhi NCR, which is enjoying a rapid economic growth, while the other will be launched in India’s largest city and commercial center, Mumbai. The new sites will tap into insight gained through health screening services offered at Bengaluru to offer high-quality screening services. For example, users will be able to check screening results any time on their smartphones. There will also be a workflow that uses a wrist band with a QR code to manage the progress of each visitor to shorten waiting time for individual tests.

Fujifilm’s health screening service business in India became recognized under the Supply Chain Resilience Projects in the Indo-Pacific region promoted by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, receiving high acclaim as an initiative that uses digital technology to contribute to solving social issues in emerging economies. The project involves building data coordination infrastructure based on blockchain technology to verify an AI-based mechanism for analyzing screening data collected from the three NURA sites to provide feedback to NURA users.

Fujifilm will continue to develop and provide various products and services that meet the needs of medical sites to contribute to advancing global health and maintaining and promoting people’s health.

  • *1 Source: “GLOBOCAN 2020” database compiled by the International Agency for Research on Cancer


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