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September 21, 2023

Fujifilm launches “INSTAX Pal™”

Introducing a palm-top size camera for taking pictures anytime and anywhere
New mini-format film “SOFT LAVENDER” in a popular color also available

TOKYO, September 21, 2023 – FUJIFILM Corporation (President and CEO, Representative Director: Teiichi Goto) announces the launch of “INSTAX Pal™” on October 5th, 2023. It is a palm-top size camera to join the INSTAX*1 series of instant cameras, allowing users to take photos anytime and anywhere. It will be available in five colors to suit different lifestyles, broadening the scope of shooting situations and experiences.

Released on the same day, silicone cases with strap carabiner in matching colors to INSTAX Pal™, and the “Soft Lavender” mini-format film in purple, combining flamboyance with elegance.

INSTAX Pal™’s key visual

The INSTAX instant photo system marks its 25th anniversary this year since its original launch in 1998. The system evolved with time, embracing trends and new technologies, to expand its lineup from analog instant cameras to hybrid instant cameras and smartphone printers. The INSTAX series offers diverse ways of enjoying photography to broaden its user base covering young people and middle-aged groups.

The new INSTAX Pal™ is INSTAX series’ first model specializing in taking pictures. Removal of the printing function has made it possible to reduce the size to a palm-top level for even greater walkaround capacity.

The INSTAX Pal™ features a variety of functions to facilitate shooting situations and photographic experiences. The Standard mode, activated by pressing the shutter button on the rear panel, takes advantage of the wide-angle lens to shoot from an elevated position or in a sharp angle, difficult to achieve with smartphones, using just one hand to capture a dynamic image that brings in more of the background. The Remote mode connects the camera to a smartphone installed with a dedicated app*2 via Bluetooth*3 so that pictures can be checked on the smartphone as they are taken. The Interval mode takes photos continuously at a three-second interval. These features set this camera apart from smartphones with unique shooting experiences. The INSTAX Pal™ can also establish Bluetooth connection with the INSTAX Link™ series of smartphone printers to produce INSTAX prints out of images taken with it.

Fujifilm will continue to expand the world of the “INSTAX” instant photo system that allows people to enjoy on-the-spot photo printing.

  • *1 INSTAX and Cheki are trademarks or registered trademarks of FUJIFILM Corporation.
  • *2 A free app that supports Android and iOS devices, and can be downloaded from Google Play (for Android devices) and from App Store (for iPhone and other iOS devices). Android and Google Play are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google Inc. iPhone and App Store are trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple Inc. The iPhone trademark is used in Japan under license from Aiphone Co., Ltd.
  • *3 The Bluetooth® word mark and logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and FUJIFILM Corporation uses these under license.

1. Product names, release date and prices

Product name Release date Price
(1) INSTAX Pal™ October 5, 2023 Open
(2) Silicone cases for the INSTAX Pal™
(3) INSTAX mini-format film
(1) INSTAX Pal™ (available in 5 colors)

Milky White

Powder Pink

Pistachio Green

Lavender Blue

Gem Black

  • * Dimensions of the main unit: H44mm x W42mm x D43mm, 41g

“Multifunction Ring Accessory,” supplied with the camera, that can be used as a simplified viewfinder and a camera stand

(2) Silicone case for the INSTAX Pal™ (available in 5 colors)






(3) INSTAX mini-format film “SOFT LAVENDER”

2. Main features of the INSTAX Pal™

(1) “Compact palm-top design” and “wide angle lens” for taking pictures anytime and anywhere
  • With the removal of the Print function, the INSTAX Pal™ specializes in taking pictures and comes in a compact palm-top design. The Standard mode is activated by pressing the shutter button on the rear panel, making it easy to shoot with just one hand from an elevated position or in a sharp angle, difficult to achieve with smartphones. The use of the wide angle lens makes it an ideal camera to shoot vast landscapes and group photos involving a large number of people. The INSTAX Pal™ can be taken anytime and anywhere to create dynamic images that accentuate a sense of perspective.

Using the Standard mode

(2) Multifunction Ring Accessory included
  • The camera comes with a Multifunction Ring Accessory, which can be used as a strap to prevent accidentally dropping it, or even a simplified viewfinder and a camera stand when shooting a group photo.

As a simplified viewfinder

As a camera stand

(3) mini, SQUARE and WIDE formats selectable when shooting and printing

  • Users can choose from mini, SQUARE and WIDE formats when taking pictures, adding greater enjoyment to their photographic experience.
  • When printing, choose a format supported by each INSTAX Link™ printer etc. 




(4) Automatically transferring pictures taken from the camera to the dedicated app for easy sharing on social media
  • The camera can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth to automatically transfer pictures taken to a dedicated app on the smartphone. The pictures can be saved on the phone with INSTAX frames. Users can enjoy a sense of excitement while waiting for photos to appear on the app and share them on social media with ease. Enjoy the world of photography only possible with the INSTAX Pal™ and its compact design, capturing people’s natural facial expressions and moments of unexpected scenes.
(5) Connecting with the dedicated app for extensive shooting possibilities
  • The dedicated app features the Remote mode, which allows users to check each picture taken by the INSTAX Pal™ on the smartphone screen, and the Interval mode, which continuously takes pictures at a three-second interval for timelapse photography.
  • The INSTAX Pal™ features a speaker. Users can record favorite voice or sound in the app and set up the camera to replay it when the shutter is released, adding an element of fun to INSTAX photography.
  • The camera offers the INSTAX Animation function that combines multiple images into flipbook video. INSTAX Animation video can be played by scanning the QR code printed on an INSTAX print. Print it out to give to your friends and family, or share it on social media.

The INSTAX Pal™ can establish Bluetooth connection with a smartphone with the dedicated app, the INSTAX Link™ series of smartphone printers and hybrid instant cameras.

(6) Connecting with the INSTAX Link™ series of smartphone printers to easily produce INSTAX prints
  • The camera can connect with, via the dedicated app, the INSTAX Link™ series of smartphone printers as well as the hybrid instant cameras “INSTAX mini Evo™” and “INSTAX mini LiPlay™” to produce INSTAX prints.
  • Changing the switch at the bottom panel of the INSTAX Pal™ from “F (FUN mode)” to “L (Link mode)” enables direct Bluetooth connection with the INSTAX Link™ series without use of the dedicated app. In this mode, pictures taken with the INSTAX Pal™ are printed out from an INSTAX Link™ printer automatically straight away as if using an analog instant camera. 

「INSTAX Link™」Series

「INSTAX mini Evo™」「INSTAX mini LiPlay™」

(7) Others
  • The camera has a built-in lithium ion battery that can last for approximately 240 frames per charge. The battery is charged via the USB Type-C terminal. (A charging cable is included with the camera.)
  • The camera can be set up to save pictures internally instead of automatically transferring them to the dedicated app. Up to 50 images can be stored in the internal memory. When a microSD card is inserted (sold separately), images can be stored up to the card’s full capacity.

3. INSTAX Pal™ promotion

The palm-top INSTAX Pal™ is a perfect walkaround camera for everyday shooting. The promotional tagline “Making small moments feel big” reflects our hope that users capture numerous everyday moments they share with friends and families and keep them as special memories. The tagline is used online, on social media and at stores to communicate the appeal of the INSTAX Pal™ to as many people as possible.

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