Speciality Inks

Our Sericol textile ink range has been developed to meet the specific demands of printers and specifiers.

Nylobag NB

Adhesion to Synthetic Fabrics

Nylobag NB has good adhesion and flexibility to most grades of nylon and many other synthetic fabrics.  This combination of adhesion and flexibility, together with the high opacity offered by the system, makes it especially suitable for printing bags and similar items.

High Resistance and Wash Fastness

Resistance properties of Nylobag NB inks can be increased with the use of an optional catalyst.  This increases all resistance properties making the product very suitable for applications where the ink would otherwise wear or abrade quickly.

  • High opacity
  • Good flexibility
  • Excellent wash fastness
  • Good adhesion to most nylon and synthetic fabrics
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Nylotex NX


Nylotex NX screen inks are especially suitable for printing onto nylon and synthetic fabrics including many which have been treated for water resistance.  Nylotex NX can also be used for producing sportswear, work wear and other types of textile transfer.

Adhesion to Water Resistant Fabrics

The novel chemistry used in Nylotex NX inks makes them suitable for printing onto many synthetic fabrics that have been treated with a water resistant coating.  Addition of an optional catalyst can further improve adhesion onto difficult substrates.

Transfer Production

The high flexibility and good resistance properties of Nylotex NX inks makes them suitable for producing many types of sportswear and work wear transfer.  These transfers can be used to decorate many types of fabric that are otherwise problematic.

PANTONE®* Matching System

Nylotex NX inks have pre-matched formulations for the colours in the coated (‘C’ suffixed) section of the PANTONE® Colour Formula Guide.  These formulations have been individually colour matched, and proof printed onto fabrics using commercial printing presses.

*PANTONE® is the property of Pantone, Inc.

  • Excellent flexibility
  • Good wash fastness
  • Excellent adhesion
  • PANTONE® Matching System
Hints & Tips

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Dirasol 125


Dirasol 125 is a one pot photostencil system with ultra-fast exposure speed, easy decoatability and outstanding resistance to plastisol and water-based textile inks.

  • Turquoise, pre-sensitised photostencil emulsion
  • Ultra-fast exposure speed
  • Easy decoatability
  • Outstanding resistance to plastisol and water-based textile inks

Dirasol 25


Dirasol 25 is specially formulated for printers of T-shirts, sports and fashion wear, using water-based or plastisol inks.

  • Light violet, 2 pack diazo direct emulsion
  • Excellent mesh bridging
  • Good see-through for easy registration/setting up
  • Resistant to plastisol and water-based inks
  • Can be post hardened with Dirasol Super Hardener or water proofed with Sericure

Dirasol T


Dirasol T is for the textile reel to reel flatbed printer with either automatic machines or tables.  Once treated with Dirasol Super Hardener or Sericure, Dirasol T is impervious to all water-based dye and pigment systems found in textile printing.

  • Blue, 2 pack diazo direct emulsion
  • Solvent free/low odour
  • Suitable for extremely long print runs without requirement of over-lacquering
  • Easily reclaimed prior to Dirasol Super Hardener/Sericure treatment

Dirasol SuperTex


Dirasol SuperTex is a two part diazo photopolymer emulsion for the production of high quality, durable stencils for garment printers.

  • Blue, 2 pack diazo photopolymer emulsion
  • Resistant to plastisol and water-based textile inks

Dirasol 916


Dirasol 916 is a universal diazo photopolymer emulsion offering superb resolution and definition that is compatible with solvent-based, water-based and plastisol inks.

  • Deep blue, 2 pack diazo photopolymer emulsion
  • Resistant to solvent-based, water-based, conventional UV, water-based UV and plastisol inks
  • Excellent resolution and definition

Transfers & Transfer Adhesives


Fujifilm has developed a comprehensive range of textile transfer systerms and adhesives that are suitable for a variety of applications. These include adhesives used in the production of sportswear, tagless, work wear, litho and general purpose textile transfers.

  • Comprehensive range for most transfer applications
  • Water based, plastisol and hot melt versions
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