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Sustainable Procurement

We promote procurement activities upon “appropriate competition and fair trade in an open, fair and clear corporate culture” set in the Fujifilm Group Charter for Corporate Behavior.
Along with our basic stance, nature preservation and environmental conservation, we also engage in procurement activities environmentally-conscious in cooperation with our suppliers.

Basic Concept Related to Procurement

We promote procurement activities in accordance with the Fujifilm Group Procurement Policy.

Sustainable Procurement Guidelines

Aiming our suppliers can understand the check points for the self-assessment, and promote their management, we offer guidelines which explain the contents of our “Request to Suppliers”

Concept Relating to Green Procurement Standards

We have undertaken various initiatives since its founding underpinned by our basic philosophy of “environmental friendliness and environmental conservation” as the foundation of our corporate activities. We work as one with our suppliers to manage chemical substances in procured items according to the Fujifilm Green Procurement Standards.

Fujifilm Green Procurement Standards (Ver. 3.6)

We strive to improve environmental quality by stipulating green standards for procured items while also treating the procurement of parts and materials, etc. as criteria for Design for Environment (DfE).

  • Information - Communication sheet creation tool (chemSHERPA-AI, chemSHERPA-CI)
  • Guidelines for the Management of Chemical Substances in Products

Please use the following link to obtain details on the above.

Thorough management of contained chemical substances through a Self-audit System

We engage in management of contained chemical substances by enhancing the concept of green procurement throughout the supply chain to ensure thorough compliance with environmental conservation laws and regulations around the world.

We require our suppliers to conduct thorough management of contained chemical substances based on the Guidelines for the Management of Chemical Substances in Products (issued by the Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium (JAMP)) or equivalent management standards through constant explanatory meetings and the Green Procurement Standards. Since March 2007, survey items such as the acquisition status of certifications like ISO14001 were added to the Self-audits as part of the Corporate Environmental Green Level Survey to understand the status of CSR initiatives by suppliers.

Appropriate Procurement of Papers and Paper Materials

We established our Pulp Procurement Standards in March 2007 from the perspective of preserving forestry resources and the environmental safety management of chemical substances. These standards  specify the pulp and its processing raw materials processed into products in our factories and laboratories, and to purchase from suppliers which are sincerely engaged in initiatives regarding the environment, health, and safety in support of sustainable forest management. We engage in our procurement activities based on the policy to confirm not only quality and costs but also acquisition of forest certifications. Furthermore, we follow up the situation of the forests and lands which have a plan to obtain certifications as needed.

Procurement of Indirect Material

We also purchase indirect material in accordance with the Fujifilm Group Procurement Policy.