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South Korea

Pressure measurement film

Prescale for High Temperature LLW


Prescale for High Temperature: Pressure measurement film for use under high-temperature conditions

Pressure measurement film designed for use under high-temperature conditions: Measure pressure in cases where heat and pressure are applied simultaneously with ease

Prescale for High Temperature

Prescale allows you to easily measure the distribution and range of pressure.

However, when regular Prescale films are used for processes in which heat is applied, this heat can lead to issues such as incorrect color development and base deformation. Prescale for High Temperature significantly reduces these effects.

Product name / Model

Prescale for High Temperature LLW



Supported pressure measurement range


Recommended temperature of applied heat

180°C to 220°C (heat applied to both sides)


±10% or less (measured using a densitometer)

Structure and principle

Structure of Prescale

Prescale comprises two films: an A film and a C film. The A film is a base material (PEN base) coated with a color-forming agent (microcapsules). The C film is a base material (PEN base) coated with a color-developing agent. The film is used by placing the sides coated with chemical agents in contact with each other.

How Prescale works

The microcapsules in the color-forming layer are broken by pressure, and the colorless dye is absorbed into the color-developing layer. This causes a chemical reaction, which produces a red color.

Pressure chart

The pressure value can be confirmed visually by referring to a standard chart.

Example pressure chart for Medium Pressure (MW) Prescale
  • * This chart is for Medium Pressure (MW) Prescale and will differ from results for Prescale for High Temperature.
  • * Parts shown as dotted lines may exceed the allowable error range and should only be used as a reference.
  • * Curve A, B or C should be selected based on the applied heat.

How to use Prescale

1. Remove the Prescale from the black and blue polyethylene bags and cut into the required shape.

2. Place the color-forming agent of the A film and the color-developing agent of the C film together and put the Prescale in position for pressure measurement, with the C film on the bottom and the A film on top. Apply pressure.

3. Remove the film to visually inspect the pressure distribution.