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South Korea

Fujifilm’s Pharmaceuticals Business


In addition to developing and providing pharmaceuticals, we are engaged in process development and contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals using drug delivery system technologies such as liposomes and nanoparticles.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Fusion of “Diagnosis” with “Treatment”
to deliver required drugs with appropriate dose to target site effectively

With improvement in living environment and the level of medical care, and populations aging worldwide in recent years, increased cases of cancer and cognitive impairment have become social serious issues.
Infection diseases are also expanding due to increasing movement of people globally and multiple types of drug-resistant bacteria.
It has been being revealed that many of those diseases have complex mechanisms to make pathology and progression different in relevant patients and are thus difficult to be effectively treated via standard of medical care.

As a total healthcare company, Fujifilm tries to address these issues with a unique approach that combines various technologies such as chemistry, biology, imaging, and artificial intelligence (AI) and thereby fusion of “diagnosis” with “treatment.”

Fujifilm also aims to realize medical care that truly improves patient quality of life (QOL) by establishing mechanisms that “to deliver required drugs with appropriate dose to target site effectively” through target-based drug discovery and development of  drug delivery system (DDS) as well.

This will simultaneously provide various effects including improved burden of medical costs resulting from the improvement of drug safety and the reduction of unnecessary drug treatment.

In addition to the current contract manufacturing of antibacterial agents such as penicillin, we are promoting a contract manufacturing business by utilizing the manufacturing infrastructure of pharmaceutical products that started operation in 2021 for lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), which is one of the drug delivery system technologies. 
We will expand the contract manufacturing business  to next-generation pharmaceuticals such as mRNA and nucleic acid therapies, aiming for continuous growth of our business.

Conventional Standard Medical Treatment

[image] Treatment inside circle with arrow pointing to people in a group

Pharmaceutical Business of Fujifilm Group

[image] Drug Discovery DDS Technology - Diagnosis and Treatment overlapping and arrows pointing to individual people

(2) Administration of an Antibacterial Agent Specific to a Bacterial Strain Identified with In Vitro Diagnosis

In recent years, frequent uses of broad-spectrum antibacterial agents have have caused a worldwide problem due to the development of bacteria and viruses with antimicrobial resistance (AMR) worldwide. Fujifilm seeks to realize target-based therapy to ensure treatment with antibacterial agents specific to bacterial strains in infected patients that are precisely identified with in vitro diagnostic systems of the Fujifilm Group. Fujifilm aims to improve effectiveness of treatment, and restrict the spread of AMR resulting from attack on non-target bacterial strains.

[image] Purple bacterial cell inside crosshairs, in front of blue background with other purple bacterial cells

A shift from “nonspecific therapy” to “target-based therapy”

(3) Process development and contract manufacturing of liposomes and lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) leveraging Fujifilm’s drug delivery system technologies

We provide seamless services of formulation design, production process development, and manufacturing for liposomes and LNPs to meet customer requests from basic research to commercial manufacturing.
Utilizing cutting edge nano-dispersion, analysis, and synthesis technologies that have been cultivated and evolved through the development of a wide range of Fujifilm’s products such as photographic film, we provide optimal liposomes and LNPs that meet customer needs. 


lipid nano particles (LNPs)

Product lineup

[logo] FUJIFILM Toyoma Chemical Co., Ltd.

Provides pharmaceuticals.

[logo] FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation

Provides clinical reagents (in vitro diagnostics).