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South Korea
[photo]Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza, Haneda Airport Shop

Case Study

Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza, Haneda Airport Shop

Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza, a Hokkaido antenna shop (a store that specializes in local products), opened at Haneda Airport Terminal 1 in June 2021. On the upper floor of the shop, the digital forest bathing space Uralaa Park Haneda is located where you can enjoy both Hokkaido foods and landscape at the same time. Fujifilm’s FP-Z5000 has been adopted for the spatial creation.

On June 10, Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza, a Hokkaido antenna shop, opened at Haneda Airport. They sell souvenirs and obento (boxed lunch) on the first floor and have an eating space for light meals using Hokkaido ingredients on the second floor. In the cutting-edge digital forest bathing environment, you can enjoy forests and the magnificence of nature with the sounds of birds, streams, and cows, while relaxing in a chair.

Determined to introduce digital forest bathing as an unprecedented Antenna shop!

In the light-meal eating space installed for the first time in Dosanko Plaza, landscapes of Hokkaido’s four seasons are projected with a projector onto a large screen, and people can have an unparalleled experience and enjoy digital forest bathing. It carries Dosanko Plaza’s wish that the experience here will attract more people to visit Hokkaido.

A novel space where people can experience digital forest bathing while having meals!

Dosanko Plaza has set up Uralaa Park Haneda, a digital forest bathing space where you can experience the feeling of being surrounded by Hokkaido’s forests and nature.

Two wide 2.3-meter (100 inches) large screens were installed in two spots. The 5.1ch surround system allows you to enjoy Hokkaido’s nature while relaxing and enjoying meals without requiring the wearing of special devices such as HMD.

You can enjoy the feeling as if you were looking outside through a window.

We receive positive feedback from customers.

One person said, “We were able to relax and enjoy foods while enjoying Hokkaido landscapes,” and another from Hokkaido said, “The landscapes evoked a nostalgic feeling, and I was happy.”