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South Korea

Case Study

uralaa park urahoro

In December 2020, uralaa park urahoro, opened in Urahoro-cho, Tokachi-gun, Hokkaido, Japan. The facility adopted the Fujifilm FP-Z5000 projectors, these were installed and displayed in a five-sided multi-screen projection. This installation featured a fascinating digital forest bathing space, a great interactive exhibit for visitors.

Uralaa park urahoro is the first permanent facility in Japan where people can experience forests and nature in a digital space. The immersive experience projected images of Tokachi- urahoro. Known for its—the great forests and beautiful landscapes the user experiences, the murmur of the wind in the trees, the smell of the woods, and the breeze of the forest. Users were able to experience all of this by just sitting in a chair.
The facility was renovated to provide an interactive exhibit where theFP-Z5000 was the focal point.  Due to its ability to project 300-inch displays on multiple ceiling and walls.

[photo]uralaa park urahoro

The challenge was to recreate a reality while also creating this new concept: “Create magnificent nature in a digital space.” The space had to be created with careful attention to detail in order to allow visitors to enjoy an immersive, natural experience of nature. Forestdigital, inc., which developed digital forest bathing, decided to implement the FP-Z5000 for this installation after several attempts to accurately reproduce the great nature of Tokachi.

[photo]uralaa park urahoro
[photo]uralaa park urahoro

~Voice from forestdigital, inc.~

There were two factors that contributed to our decision to purchase the FP-Z5000; one was the wide lens shift that allows the projection of images on the walls from corner to corner in a room while the projector was hardly noticed. The only thing visible was projector lens head. To be honest, we did not want customers to be aware of any machinery, particularly the projector. We wanted our guests to fully immerse themselves in the experience. The Fujifilm FP-Z5000 over exceeded expectations for these pain points in our exhibit. We have received a lot of feedback and opinions from customers since our opening in December, but we have never heard any customers talk about the projector. I think it means we were successful in creating an immersive space where they do not recognize the presence of the projector.

forestdigital,Inc. (Japanese only)

In uralaa park urahoro, the FP-Z5000, which allows zero-offset projection, has been installed with only the ultra-short-throw lens appearing on the celling to reproduce a natural space. The lens head is hardly noticed even when installed in the ceiling. Utilizing the wide lens shift of up to 82% of the FP-Z5000 installed in a corner of the room to project images on the entire ceiling from a tiny gap between the wall and the floor, we succeeded in creating a space that effectively uses the space and reduces the projector presence as much as possible.