South Korea
[photo] FP-Z5000 Projector


World´s first projector with rotating high-spec FUJINON lens for projections from short distance in various directions.

The Advantages of a Z-Series Projector

The Z series can project images at large sizes from extremely short range, reducing the distance between the projector and the screen and freeing up more active space for you to exploit. The projector can be skewed relative to the screen so that presenters do not cast shadows on the display.

To project images at a large size, existing mirror-based ultra-short-throw projectors require the screen to be offset from the surface on which the projector is installed. Z-series projectors, in contrast, combine ultra-short throw with zero offset for installations that make effective use of limited space, while their large lens-shift range gives you greater freedom to suspend them from ceilings both high and low.

Images can be projected in all sorts of directions, letting you focus on scene-setting without worrying about limitations on where the projector can be installed. The freedom afforded by the wide lens-shift range also helps resolve a variety of projection issues when it comes to positioning the image.