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South Korea
[photo] Hand pointing to various different types of print media and objects offered from Fujifilm

Next-generation Kiosk solution

Wonder Print Station


Bring your daily memory into variety of prints. A wide variety of attractive photo products at the Wonder Print Station.

A wide variety of attractive photo products at the Wonder Print Station

[photo] Various print media including business cards, photobooks, different sized and shaped prints, wall canvas, mugs and more

Comfortable operation with high speed image loading

It takes only 5 sec.*3 to load images from the memory card and display them on the screen. “Wonder Print Station” has a realized smooth and comfortable order operation.

  • *1 Available only for iPhone
  • *2 Installation of dedicated application software into smartphone is necessary to connect via Wi-Fi
  • *3 When reading 1,000 pieces of Exif JPEG images.

High quality photo printing and easier image selection by FUJIFILM Proprietary Technologies

Image Intelligence™

Incorporated Image Intelligence™ automatically compensates for problematic conditions, such as poor lighting, backlighting, high contrast, under- exposure or overexposure. Image Intelligence™ also makes skin tones more natural and facial expressions more distinct. Processing time is reduced because photo image correction is automatic at the same time ensuring attractive, customer-pleasing prints.

[image]Un-enhanced photo of bride holding bouquet

Original image

[image]vibrant version of the same photo

Optimized image

[logo]Image Intelligence