StarFire SG600


StarFire® SG600 Printhead

The StarFire SG600 printhead family is a breakout inkjet innovation for high performance printing and decorative applications. It is purpose-built for today’s demanding high-speed scanning and single-pass industrial system designs. It is an easy to integrate, high performance, drop-on-demand printhead for single-color operation at resolutions up to 600 dpi. A robust construction that is repairable from the cover to the collar.

StarFire SG600

Combining superior jetting performance with a high nozzle packing density in a compact, self-contained unit, the StarFire SG600 printhead uses field proven materials to deliver a long service life with consistent and reliable output.

Each StarFire SG600 printhead has 1,536 independent channels arranged in 12 rows in a single nozzle plate for resolutions up to 600 dpi. All 1,536 nozzles can be fired simultaneously or individually.

Equipped with a singular, durable, collar mounted, metal nozzle plate to withstand abrasion and resist damage, it is removable for cleaning or replacement. VersaDrop™ from FUJIFILM Dimatix allows multiple fixed drop sizes in binary mode and grayscale capability from one printhead, with no loss to productivity. In binary operating mode, the StarFire SG600 printhead is designed to eject adjustable drop sizes from 12 up to 33 picoliters and can support grayscale levels as defined by the user’s control electronics.

The StarFire SG600 printhead is compatible with aqueous inks, UV inks, solvent based ceramic inks and maintenance fluids. Using RediJet® technology, the StarFire SG600 printhead maximizes the dual ported ink interface to recirculate jetting fluids through the refill chambers and across the nozzles. RediJet allows StarFire printheads to be quickly and easily primed with minimal ink waste thereby increasing the inherent productive capacity of the printing system by reducing maintenance times and associated costs.

The StarFire SG600 printhead has simplified interfaces. The electrical interface consists of one DE15 pin connector for heater and firepulse connections and a USB 3.0 Type A for data. Two fluid connections facilitate easy priming, flushing and continuous ink recirculation and connect to an ink supply via Luer fittings.

Heating configuration includes an internal heater/thermistor for precise control of ink viscosity at temperatures up to 50°C. Precise registration points enable drop-in alignment with customer provided mounting features, reducing set-up and alignment costs during printhead replacement and also allow multiple printheads to be accurately arrayed into print bars for wide width, higher resolution and multi-color printing devices.

Product Data

Number of addressable Jets per module


Print width

64.98 mm (2.56 in)

Native resolution

600 dpi

Native drop size/largest drop size

12 pl / 33 pl

VersaDrop™ Max Productivity

600 ng-kHz with drop sizes between 12 and 33 ng

Firing frequency

Up to 50kHz

Inkjet operating temperature range

Up to 50° C (122° F)

Nominal fluid viscosity

8-20 cP (10-14 cP recommended)

Compatible jetting fluids

Aqueous inks, UV inks and solvent based ceramic inks

Nozzle Plate technology


Printhead heat type

Integrated heater, thermal transfer

OEM accessible non-volatile memory

64 byte rewritable

Integral temperature sensor


Physical Characteristics

Product data presented above are for guideline purposes only. For design and engineering work using this product, please contact Dimatix Technical Support for the appropriate Product Manual containing full Product Specifications.

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