Commercial Digital Printing

Revoria Press E1136 / E1125 / E1110 / E1100


The world of wonder in monochromatic print production

Image Processing ― Print server with high image quality and fast processing.

Image data processing maximising print engine performance

High quality image data can be generated with RIP processing of 600 x 600 dpi and 8 bit (256 gradation levels) on the Print Server. In addition, high resolution and smooth screen image of 2400 x 2400 dpi can be generated on the device with our unique HQ digital screen technology (MACS*) employed. These data processing technologies have realised high image quality brought from the maximisation of the print engine performance.

  • * Micro Accurate Control Screen.

Supporting Adobe® PDF Print Engine perfect for PDF output

Adobe® PDF Print Engine directly rips PDF data. Even a PDF file with transparency or layers can be processed as it is and
faster and high quality output is possible. Blur, drop shadow and glow effect can be used with ease.

  • Note: Adobe® PDF Print Engine is available for jobs in PDF and JDF formats.

Print Server equipped with high-speed technologies

  • Faster processing with less data volume
    Our unique intermediate data format streamlines RIP processing with high image quality and small data size. In the conventional RIP processing, calculation takes a long time due to large data volume. However, this new RIP processing automatically identifies objects including text and image and processes them in the format. It greatly reduces the processing time without degrading image quality.
  • High-speed serial transmission
    The print server sends huge raster data to the printer with a wideband transmission of 4.25 Gbps. It ensures high reliability by automatically detecting and correcting errors.

High-speed, large volume printing of variable data

High-speed, large volume printing of personally customised documents: direct mails, bills, usage details statements, etc. is enabled. It meets the business needs of One to One marketing which captures diversifying customers' individual needs. With industry standard PPML*1, PDF/VT-1, and PDF/VT-2, languages for variable data printing are supported to establish extended variable printing systems.

  • *1: PPML: Personalized Print Markup Language

Building JDF workflow

JDF*1, which is the standard in the printing industry is supported. Linking with integrated workflow systems for printing operation*2, you can build a hybrid workflow with offset printing device and digital printer. 

  • *1: JDF: Job Definition Format
  • *2: Linked with "FUJIFILM WORKFLOW XMF" of FUJIFILM Corporation and "EQUIOS" and "Trueflow SE" of SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd.

Office ― Various features for office needs.

Duplex Automatic Document Feeder

  1 Sided 2 Sided
Scan job* 136 ppm
270 ppm
Copy job 100 ppm (BW)
  • * Standard Document (A4), 200 dpi, to Folder.
  • *1: Scanned files are sent and stored to PC folders via FTP transfer or SMB.
  • *2: Scanned files are stored to Folders on the device. To store them to PC, use web browsers, Stored File Manager 3 belonging to Network Scanner Utility 3, or TWAIN compliant applications.

Security & Management ― Reliable maintenance support and security management.

Security support for print data

Important print data provided by customers can be protected from data breaches by securely erasing*1 deleted data remaining in the print server so that the data cannot be recovered even with data recovery software. Besides, data in the printer can be encrypted*1 or securely erased*2 to  prevent unauthorised access.

  • *1: Default setting: OFF
  • *2: Optional


Authentication features prevent unauthorised use of the device for security. Authentication operations can be performed at the device control panel. User information can be saved and managed on the device.