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FUJIFILM New Zealand Limited

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Photographic Film and Paper, Film Cameras, Digital Cameras, Photofinishing Products, Graphic Systems, Medical Systems, Motion Picture Products, Recording Media, Endoscopy


2c William Pickering Drive
Rosedale, Auckland 0632
New Zealand
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FUJIFILM New Zealand is a leading force in the distribution of imaging equipment and services to the photographic, medical and graphic systems markets. FUJIFILM constantly strives to develop superior technology and to continue to cultivate an imaging and information culture. As a global company, we aim to make innovative use of the most advanced technologies to provide imaging and information solutions that best meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of our customers.

FUJIFILM New Zealand Pty Ltd came into existence on 24 April 2004 following the sale of the Hanimex Group to Fuji Photo Film Company Limited. Previously, Hanimex Pty Ltd had been the sole distributor of FUJIFILM products in New Zealand since 1954. Hanimex was founded in 1947 by Jack Hannes, and was established as an import and export company, with a diverse range of products in its portfolio. By 2004, Hanimax had assisted FUJIFILM to become a key player in the imaging industry and provider of total digital solutions to its customers in the photographic medical imaging and graphic systems markets.

Sometimes known as a Mission Statement or Purpose, at FUJIFILM New Zealand we have a ‘Vision’ which provides the focus for our company. Our Vision is:

Creating the future with innovative solutions for our customers”

Our Values provide the framework from which we strive to achieve our Vision and how we encourage our people to connect with each other and our stakeholders. As a company, we have defined our Values as “what’s important to us”.

Together our vision and values will enable us to achieve high levels of engagement with all of our stakeholders and achieve sustainable results. We seek people to work in our organisation who share our vision and values. 

2c William Pickering Drive