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CTP Chemicals

Cat No. Product Name Description Product Size Product Image
850252 FN-6S The FN-6S is a general purpose finishing gum for all CTP plates (eg LH-PJ , LH-NN2 & LP-NNV , LP-N3 etc ) used in Fujifilm processors like FLP-850/1260, FLH-85/125/150P. 2 x 5L
850256 FN-6S 15 x 1L
850261 LH-D2WS  The LH-D2WS is a Ready-To-Use (RTU) Working Tank Developer used for the processing of Fujifilm Thermal CTP Plates eg the Brillia LH-PJE & LH-PLE in Fujifilm unique & revolutionary "Z" plate processor series - the FLC-TZ series (eg FLC-T85Z/T125Z/T165Z and the FLH-Z series ( eg FLH-85Z/125Z/150Z/165Z. The companion Replenisher product for LH-D2WS is either the RTU LH-D2RWS or the concentrated LH-D2RS. Both the LH-D2WS and LH-D2RWS come in two product sizes: 20L and 25L 20L
850263 LH-D2RS 2 x 5L
999366 FJ LC-V FINISHING SOL The LC-V FINISHING Solution is a finishing "gum" for the Fujifilm Brillia HD PRO-V - a  high definition Low-chemistry violet CTP plate for Commercial applications. 20L RTU