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New Zealand

X-BAR Powered by FUJIFILM Inkjet Technology

Fujifilm Integrated Inkjet Solution's modular solution for digital inkjet imprinting


*capabilities may vary depending on application



Fujifilm Dimatix SAMBA™ printheads

Print width

4.7 inch and 9.4 inch

Printing Resolution & speed
4.7 inch printbar1200 x 600 dpi & 1000 fpm
9.4 inch printbar1200 x 600 dpi & 615 fpm
Image format




Ink for X-BAR, Powered by Fujifilm Inkjet Technology

Cleaning and flush fluid



20L(5.2 US gal), 210L(55.4 US gal) , 1000L (264 US gal)

Ink supply

Bulk reservoir


Printbars per system

Up to 16*
*System accommodates a combination of X_BAR printbars and existing Kodak VERSAMARK DS6240, or DS9100/DS9050. Each Fujifilm node can accommodate two legacy imprinting units.

Print verification

Doc Sync

Print adjustment

Image offset (process and cross-process directions)

Read & Print

External device interface



544 x 193 x 188 mm, 17 kg     (21.4 x 7.6  x 7.4 inch, 37.5 lbs.)
428 x 417 x 246 mm 25.5 kg   (16.8 x 16.4 x 9.7, 56.2 lbs.)

Fluid station

1027 x 608 x 665 mm, 100 kg  (40.4 x 23.9 x 26.2, 220.5 lbs.


1150 x 598 x 997, 153 kg  (45.3  x 23.5 x 39.2, 337.3 lbs.)