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April 5, 2023

Fujifilm unveils the latest development roadmap for the Duvo series of FUJINON broadcast zoom lenses compatible with large sensors

―Lineup expanded with two new portable lenses―

FUJIFILM Corporation has unveiled the latest development roadmap for the “Duvo” series of broadcast zoom lenses compatible with large image sensor cameras, which have become the mainstream in both the broadcast and the cinema industries. New lenses, added to the roadmap, are both the portable type, consisting of a standard zoom lens and a wide-angle zoom lens. Fujifilm plans to showcase the HZK Standard zoom lens in the 2023 NAB Show, one of the world’s largest international broadcast equipment shows to be held in Las Vegas, USA from April 15 to April 19, 2023.

In March this year, Fujifilm released the FUJINON HZK25-1000mm (Duvo 25-1000) box-type broadcast zoom lens also known as “Duvo Box”*1. The Duvo 25-1000 has been embraced by many customers for its ability to produce cinematic visual expressions in a filming style similar to that of broadcast lenses.

New lenses added to the development roadmap this time are a standard zoom lens and a wide-angle zoom lens, both in the portable type. Similarly to the Duvo 25-1000, these lenses adopt the Dual Format, compatible with two types of large sensors used as the mainstream in the cinema industry. The lenses support the Super 35mm sensor normally, and also become compatible with full-frame-equivalent image sensors with the use of the built-in 1.5x expander*2. In the future, Fujifilm plans to deploy portable Duvo series of lenses as “Duvo Portable”*1.

Fujifilm will continue to offer the expanded lineup of the Duvo series of lenses to cater to the diversifying needs at the forefront of production.

  • *1 This name may not be used in some countries and regions.
  • *2 Enabling the expansion of the image circle and extension of focal lengths to the telephoto side.
roadmap image

* This is not the image of the final product. The roadmap is as of April, 2023. Supecifications are subject to change.

Lenses added to the roadmap this time

① Standard zoom lens “HZK Standard”
  • A standard zoom lens covering the focal length range of 24-300mm
② Wide-angle zoom lens “HZK Wide”
  • A lightweight wide-angle zoom lens
  • * The new “Duvo Portable” standard zoom / wide-angle zoom lenses accommodate a diverse range of filming styles – handheld, tripod or other special equipment.
  • * The addition of the portable lenses will expand the Duvo series, offering greater camera-position options and enabling production that makes maximum use of cinema cameras.

“Duvo” Series’ concept and commitment to “Duvo”

Concept: “Native Cinematic lenses with Broadcast functionality”
With the Duvo series, Fujifilm strives to offer optical performance that produces natural yet high-definition footage. At the same time, high zoom magnification and compatibility with existing accessories enable operability in pursuant of broadcast lenses.

”Duvo” is a coined term combining Latin words Duo (=Dual) and Vivo (=Live). It represents the series’ “two-faceted nature with cinema- and broadcast-lens characteristics” and “compatibility with two types of mainstream large sensors for cinema cameras” reflecting Fujifilm’s desire that the lenses exert their full potential at the forefront of live production including live event coverage.

New logo design for “Duvo”

New logo design for “Duvo”


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