With the spread of Covid-19, opportunities for people to interact with each other are decreasing and means of communication are changing. The pandemic has brought about a greater need for enrichment of the heart and mind, and to foster connections between people. As a leading company in the field of photography, we continue to communicate the value of photography, connecting hearts and enriching lives. From instant photo systems that allow users to enjoy printing photos on the spot, to high-end digital cameras, we offer products that allow users to experience the power of photography, as well as various opportunities to enjoy photography. We will continue to pursue the possibilities of photography to meet the changing needs of the times. In order to develop photographic and imaging culture and realize an enriched society, we will never stop providing photographic products that evoke emotions, capture and record images, and give shape to memories.


The instax instant camera was released in 1998, and since that time, it has proven extremely popular, particularly with young women in their teens and twenties. This is because instax products enable users to enjoy on the spot card-sized prints of people and places, as well as serving as a tool to bring people together and deepen communications.

In the current digital age, digital technologies are diversifying ways to enjoy photography, but there is a new appreciation for the ability to hold a ‘real’ print of an image just taken. And instax prints are also gaining wide acclaim for being both stylish and cute.

Ever since the launch of instax cameras in Japan, they have become affectionately known as ‘cheki’, but the cameras have also achieved excellent sales in over 100 countries worldwide, and are much loved by people around the world.

In response to those voices calling for a little more photographic expression, we have developed the square format film model, and a hybrid instant camera equipped with a digital imaging sensor and digital image processing technology that allows users to edit their images. These are just two examples of how we are continuing to expand and further enhance both our lineup and ways to enjoy using instax cameras.

We will never stop pushing the boundaries of photographic possibility.

X-series and GFX-series Digital Cameras

In 2012, we developed the FUJIFILM X-Pro 1 mirrorless digital camera equipped with a proprietary image sensor, image processing engine, and Hybrid Viewfinder.*1
n February 2017, we released our FUJIFILM GFX 50S medium-format mirrorless digital camera, which features an approx. 1.7x medium-format (43.8x32.9mm) FUJIFILM G format image sensor equivalent to a 35mm full-size image sensor.*2 In June 2019, we innovated another mirrorless digital camera FUJIFILM GFX 100, which adopts a large format sensor with the world's highest 102 million pixels resolution.*3

Going forward, we will continue to introduce X-series and GFX-series cameras that provide even higher definition and mobility, and pioneer the market for high-end mirrorless digital cameras.

Camera lovers have praised our cameras for their unique reproduction technologies that provide the highest image quality and the classical design which enables optimal mobility.

Why do camera lovers around the world have such a high regard for our cameras?

The reason is simple: it’s because we place premium importance on making sure our users enjoy their photographic experience and carrying our cameras around with them.
We want to encourage users to enjoy photography, and put a little creativity and fun back into their daily lives. That’s why we develop, produce and sell top quality cameras.

With the relentless advance of digital technologies, we are striving to further enhance photographic functions and the functional beauty of our X-series and GFX-series of digital cameras.

Our cameras are already widely-acclaimed, but we will never stop in our quest to increase the enjoyment and satisfaction of photography lovers around the world.

  • *1 The Hybrid Viewfinder is a unique function of X-series cameras. It enables users to select either optical or electronic viewfinder.
  • *2 A 36x24mm image sensor, as used on many digital single-lens reflex cameras.
  • *3 In terms of consumer mirrorless digital cameras by our company’s research on 27th January, 2021.