FUJIFILM in Russia

"FUJIFILM RUS" LLC Company is one of the leading companies on the Russian market. It specializes in sales, marketing and service for color negative films, silver halide paper, photochemistry, instant print terminals, dye sublimation printers, photo minilabs, digital cameras. Fujifilm-RU trades and cooperates with more than 500 regular customer companies and has wide network of dealers all over Russia. The company performs direct shipments from Fujifilm factories, which enables it to eliminate counterfeiting or inferior goods.

"FUJIFILM RUS" LLC [Group Company]

Managing Directors:

Shunsuke Wotani

Business Field(s):

Digital Cameras, Photographic Film and Paper, Photofinishing Systems, Industrial Products, Optical Devices, Graphic Systems


Business Centre “Magistral Plaza” 4F, 1st Magistralnyi tupik, 5A, 123290 Moscow, Russian Federation


+7 495 797-35-12


+7 495 797-35-13