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We work to further enhance the quality of life through our diverse products and services, as a total healthcare company with wide-ranging technologies and expertise to contribute to all areas of human health from prevention through diagnosis and treatment.


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We provide functional cosmetics and supplements with the ASTALIFT series and more, using advanced technologies and expertise built up over extended years in the photographic film field including expertise on collagen, anti-oxidation technology, nanotechnology. We support people in accepting healthy, fulfilling lifestyles.

[image]ASTALIFT series

Functional cosmetics "ASTALIFT" series

[image]meta barrier ex

Nutritional supplement product "Meta barrier EX"

Main Products and Services
  • Functional cosmetics
  • Nutritional supplement products
  • Hair care products

Since launching our X-ray film product in 1936, we have expanded the fields through our technological strengths. We offer a wide variety of products in the field, including X-ray imaging diagnostics, endoscopes, ultrasound diagnostics, medical IT, in-vitro diagnostic systems. We have also expanded our business globally, in order to support patients and medical service providers worldwide with rapid, precise diagnosis.

Main Products and Services
[image]AMULET Innovality
Digital X-ray imaging diagnostic systems

Having entered the medical field with our driving of X-ray film to first national industry status within Japan in 1981, Fujifilm developed the world’s first digital X-ray imaging diagnostic system with the FCR and is proud to hold a global top share in the CR. Furthermore, armed with our advanced image processing technologies in the DR, we also provide diverse proprietary products with minimal burdens on patients.

[image]SYNAPSE SAI viewer
Medical-use Picture Archiving and Communications Systems

The medical-use picture archiving and communications system (PACS) saves, searches, and analyzes massive image data volumes obtained from CT, MRI, CR and other medical image diagnostic systems. Fujifilm’s SYNAPSE holds the number one* share worldwide. 
*According to Fujifilm data

Endoscope Systems

Using imaging diagnostic technology developed in the photography business and miniaturization technology, we provide high value-added products that greatly reduce patient suffering, such as transnasal endoscopes used via the nose.

[image]iViz air
Ultrasound diagnostic equipment

We anticipate continued market growth for ultrasound diagnostic equipment widely used in urgent medicine, obstetrics, and cosmetic surgery, given their real-time imaging capabilities and minimal burdens on subjects for diagnosis. Fujifilm is focused on expanding portable ultrasound equipment business where particularly extensive growth is anticipated within the ultrasound diagnosis field.

In-vitro Diagnosis (IVD) Systems

Fujifilm provides automatic biosciences POCT (Point of Care Testing) system for animals, such as the biochemistry automatic analysis system for promptly and simply detecting blood testing results, the immunodiagnostic measurement systems for promptly testing results like hormone imbalances. Furthermore, we also provide infectious ailment testing systems and more to achieve rapid diagnosis of influenza and similar for the human-oriented POCT systems.

We develop, manufacture, and sell pharmaceuticals and regenerative medicine products through combinations of the diverse technologies held by Fujifilm Group companies, with the advanced production and quality control technologies we have developed in the photographic film field. We are particularly active in expanding business in the bio CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) field, where we anticipate extensive future growth. We are working to resolve social issues concerning medicine and health by addressing unmet medical needs without established, effective treatment methods such as cancer and rare diseases.

Main Products and Services
<Pharmaceuticals, Bio CDMO>
  • Small-molecule drugs
  • Radiopharmaceuticals
  • Contract development and manufacturing organization of  biopharmaceuticals
<Regenerative Medicine>
  • iPSC-derived cells for drug discovery support
  • Cell culture media
[image]Culturing tank for biopharmaceutical manufacturing

Culturing tank for biopharmaceutical manufacturing