X-Ray Chemicals

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X-Ray Chemicals

Two part Anatomix RP Developer Replenisher replaces  three part Anatomix Developer Replenisher.

Fujifilm has been able to reformulate its number one product in the market from a 3-part concentrate to a 2-part concentrate without compromising the quality. As a matter of fact, after dilution the chemical composition of the working solution of the new 2-part product is identical to the 3-part product it will replace. Also the chemical stability of the concentrate is maintained so that a 24 months shelf life remains guaranteed.

The new 2-part Anatomix RP Developer Replenisher offers the customer higher convenience as he only has to open and mix two parts instead of three parts. At the same time one less bottle reduces the customer’s waste.

Anatomix RP Fixer is the new companion fixer product. It responds to the characteristic of modern emulsions which dry easier and therefor require less hardener. The content and the size of the bottle were reduced by 27% producing less chemical and less packaging waste.

Medical X-Ray processing chemistry

Automatic film processing, concentrate chemistries

RD-90 Developer-Replenisher and F Fixer
Premium Fujifilm chemistry for processing general radiology and mammography films.

Anatomix Plus Developer-Replenisher and X-Fix Fixer
The developer features high compatibility with the most common brands on the market. Outstanding stability in the processor.

Anatomix Developer-Replenisher and X-Fix Fixer
Anatomix Developer Replenisher is an economic, general purpose developer with wide processing latitude.

New: Anatomix RP Developer-Replenisher and Anatomix RP Fixer
The same quality of Anatomix Developer Replenisher in a 2-part developer instead of 3-parts. Higher convenience and less packaging waste.

Automatic film processing, ready-to-use chemistries

Anatomix Developer Replenisher RTU and X-Fix RTU
Convenient ready-to-use chemistry for use in small table-top processors.

Manual film processing concentrate chemistries

Man-X Developer and M-Fix fixer
Universal developer and fixer concentrate for use in tray or tank.


Unicleaner PD processor cleaner
Unicleaner PD is a 2-part powder processor cleaner.

Algstop LR
Water additive for bio-growth prevention in film and plate processors.

Product list

List of currently available film processing chemicals and sizes