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Graphic Systems & Inkjets

We provide products and services such as inkjet digital presses and printing plates for printing fields, as well as industrial inkjet-related products and inkjet printheads. We support business reforms through digital technology by leveraging our own advanced technology centered on inkjets, while also increasing added value in a wide range of sectors, with printing foremost.

Main Products and Services


Printing materials and CTP plates

We provide printing materials and software to support processes at printing and newspaper companies around the world, from creation of typesetting data through printing plate output and post-print processing. Furthermore, we also offer high-added value next-generation printing business through the SUPERIA resource-saving solution, which achieves increased revenue and reduced environmental burdens synergistically for CTP systems, print-related chemicals, software, consulting, and more.

[image]Jet Press 750S

Inkjet digital presses

We provide inkjet digital presses for all printing fields, from industrial through package printing, with characteristically superior productivity and photo-level image quality. We also provide wide-format inkjet printers capable of printing on cloth, resin, and other varied materials, for use with signs, displays, construction materials, and many other applications.


Industrial inkjet printheads and inks

We provide highly-functional inkjet systems, such as all kinds of ink, industrial inkjet printheads, and material printers. With a genuine focus on inkjet technologies that “project microscopic droplets directly and without contact to form a target object,” we are advancing on applications of inkjet technologies to a wide range of industrial fields, from textiles to photography, electronics and even life sciences.