Jet Press 1160CFG

Full Colour High-speed Continuous Feed Inkjet Printing System

High productivity and stability

The Paper Stabilizer*1 provides high productivity and stable print quality by regulating the amount of moisture in the paper before printing.

Advanced Drying Technology

With the enhanced drying technology, the printer delivers high-speed printing of 80 metres per minute*2 even on thick coated paper.*3 The drying technology is also effective against waviness and wrinkles on thin paper by minimising paper expansion and contraction.

High Registration Accuracy

The pre-drying process provides highly consistent front and back registration by minimising rapid paper expansion and contraction. Furthermore, by regulating the amount of moisture in paper before printing, consistent front and back image quality is achieved.

Paper Stabilizer

High definition printing

Prints Beautifully on Offset Coated Paper

The newly developed aqueous pigment ink print beautifully on both coated and uncoated paper without primer.

Direct mail image

Fast Data Processing

Print server featuring Fujifilm Business Innovation's unique technology provides high quality output and rapid processing.

  • Faster On-the-fly*4 printing
  • High quality image data processing 1,200x1,200 dpi, 8 bit
  • Supporting APPE*5 perfect for PDF output
  • High-precision CMYK profiles
  • High-speed, large volume printing of variable data (Mercury RIP, Industry standard PPML, PDF/VT-1, PDF/VT-2)
  • Increased fault tolerance due to OS HDD redundancy
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)*6
Print Server for the Jet Press 1160CFG

Inner Structure

Jet Press 1160CFG inner structure

(1) Unwinder

Lifting up/down heavyweight roll paper and paper alignment can easily and quickly be done with simple button operations. Furthermore, as it is directly connected to the printer, it can handle paper with high precision.

(2) Tension Controller

Tension controller stabilise paper feed even at high printing speeds by maintaining constant paper tension.

(3) Edge Guide

Automatically adjusts paper meandering, allowing stable printing.

(4) Paper Stabilizer

The pre-drying process regulates the amount of moisture in paper, allowing high productivity and print quality.

(5) Print Head Box

The print head supports 1,200 x 1,200 dpi printing. A single dot can be expressed using up to three gradations, allowing smoother density transitions. 

(6) Dryer

Two types of drying technology are installed: heat drum and heat air dryer.

(7) Sub-Drying Unit

Each tower has IR heaters installed, which efficiently dries the ink, minimising paper deformation.

(8) Control Panel

Machine operation is available through touchscreen interface.

Print Server for the Jet Press 1160CFG UI image

(9) Rewinder (Optional)

Both upper and lower windings are available. A touch roller is installed to prevent wrinkles while rewinding.

(10) Ink Pack Cart

Four-colour ink packs are installed at the back of the printer. Each ink pack weighs approximately 20 kg, but replacement can be performed easily using the cart.

Ink pack cart

(11) Chiller

The chiller circulates cold water to cool the paper after drying.

  • * Three chillers are required.

Slack Web Unit (Optional)

Printer can also be connected to 3rd party finishers (loose tension type) by using the slack web unit. The unit applies tension to roll paper instead of the rewinder.

  • *1 Newly developed pre-drying technology.
  • *2 1,200x1,200 dpi resolution
  • *3 Up to 250 gsm.
  • *4 Requires direct printing without creating raster data in advance.
  • *5 Adobe® PDF Print Engine
  • *6 This product is sold separately.