Polaris PQ-512/15 AAA


Polaris PQ-512/15 AAA


A high performance inkjet printhead designed for a broad range of industrial and commercial printing applications at high resolutions.

Polaris PQ-512/15 AAA

The Polaris PQ-512/15 AAA Printhead has 512 independent channels arranged in multiple rows at 200 dots-per-inch spacing for single color operation, or 100 dots-per-inch spacing for two color operation.

The printhead is designed for binary jetting using a 15-picoliter native drop size with 8-meters per second nominal drop velocity for jetting fluids in the 8 to 20 centipoise range. Using VersaDrop jetting technology, the printhead is capable of adjustable binary operation at drop sizes up to 30 picoliters with resolutions up to 1000 dpi.

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