Application examples by industry type



This is a collection of examples of Automobile.
Six example of Cylinder head gaskets, Brake pads, Injection molding machines or molds, Stacking or laminating machines for multilayer ceramic devices, Fuel cell stacks and Heat sealing for lithium ion batteries are posted.

Table of contents

(1) Checking the seal of cylinder head gaskets

Industry: Automobile (engine design, development and production)
Challenges: There was no method for confirming that the combustion gases, cooling water and oil of an engine were properly sealed inside the cylinder of prototype and new production product of cylinder head gasket.
Benefits of Prescale: Time saving, Quality improvement

(2) Checking the fitting of the brake pads of disc brakes

Industry: Automotive (production, maintenance), Transportation
Challenges: If the fit between the discs and the pads is not optimal, serious defects such as brake failure, uneven component wear, noise and vibration may occur.
Benefits of Prescale: Time saving, Quality improvemnet

(3) Adjustment of molds and injection molding machines

Industry: Molding, Mold making, Injection molding machine manufacture
Challenges: Excessive contact pressure, the failure of parts to make necessary contact, or the generation of burrs may occur since molds are composed of multiple parts and dimensional errors of each part tend to accumulate in the thickness direction.
Benefits of Prescale: Longer mold life, Higher component yield, Malfunction analysis

(4) Checking mold contact and pressure uniformity of stacking or laminating machines

Industry: Manufacture of laminated ceramics, Ceramic substrates and packages, PCBs, Electronic components for automobiles and mobile phones, Laminated devices
Challenges: Need to press in extremely high precision to avoid changes in electrical characteristics due to problems of poor adhesion or non-uniform thickness, and to avoid electrical connection failures due to displacement of the electrode pattern.
Benefits of Prescale: Yield improvement, Quality improvement, Accuracy improvement

(5) Checking uniformity of cell lamination load distribution

Industry: Fuel cell manufacture
Challenges: Problems such as lower power generation efficiency or fuel leaks may occur if the clamp load is too low/high.
Benefits of Prescale: Lower defect rate, Higher quality, Better maintenance

(6) Preparing bonding (heat sealing) equipment for sealing aluminum laminate films for lithium batteries

Industry: Lithium ion battery
Challenges: If the heat bar is improperly balanced during the bonding process, defective adhesion of the aluminum film may result, causing electrolyte leakage and personal injury risks.
Benefits of Prescale: Time saving, Fewer defects