Image Intelligence


Reproducing Your Vision of the World

Fujifilm has long exerted efforts to develop image-processing technologies that aim to accurately reproduce the world as humanly seen and perceived, and to precisely express people's intentions and the world that people want to communicate.

Fujifilm has continuously questioned, studied and researched how people perceive light, color and photographs.

The result of these many years of efforts is Image Intelligence™ — Fujifilm's image-processing technological asset made possible by the knowledge and expertise accumulated over the course of 80 years of developing image analysis and evaluation technologies for silver halide and digital imaging systems.

Striving for images that reproduce the world as seen and perceived by you!

For example, take a precious wedding photo.

With Image Intelligence™, you can salvage those photos that went wrong.

A photo captures a feeling that can last forever. What did you take in that picture? What does that picture convey to you? Fujifilm aims to grasp the emotion of the person taking the photo. This is both our motivation and our perpetual theme.

Reproduce images as you see them, as you perceive them.

Image Intelligence™ at Work

Everything from holiday snaps to professional photography. Image Intelligence™ not only enhances normal photographs but all types of photography from printing to medical imaging and a wide range of other applications.

Image Intelligence™ for all types of imaging

Photography, printing and medical imaging, Image Intelligence™ brings the latest advances in image processing to each of these high-tech fields.

For example, using dynamic-compression originally developed for medical imaging in everyday photographs, or leveraging sophisticated operational printing know-how in normal photographs or medical diagnostic imaging, Image Intelligence™ continues to evolve in a variety of fields.

  • * Image Intelligence™ is a registered trademark of FUJIFILM Corporation.