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Studio/Field Lenses Accessories


Studio/Field Lens System Configuration


Servo Focus/ Servo Zoom , DIGIPOWER


Servo Focus/ Servo Zoom , DIGIPOWER 


Manual Focus/ Servo Zoom , DIGIPOWER

SS-MB (Minibox Studio Lens)

Servo Focus / Servo Zoom 


Servo Focus/ Servo Zoom , DIGIPOWER

Control Accessories List

  Description Model Name
Lens Focus/Zoom
Drive Unit
Servo Digital Zoom High Speed Module ESM-D52B
Focus Servo Module ESM-D51B
Manual Manual Focus/Zoom Module EMM-51B
Focus Servo Digital Focus Position Demand Unit EPD-31A-D02
Mounting Clamp MCA-36
Focus Position Demand Unit EPD-4A-E12A
AF Focus Position Demand Unit EPD-4A-S13F
Mounting Clamp MCA-06BC
Servo Focus Grip EPA-22
Manual Manual Focus Grip BFH-1A
Zoom Servo Digital Zoom Rate Demand Unit ERD-30A-D01
Zoom Rate Demand Unit ERD-5A-D01
Manual Zoom Manual Handle  (For HD)  Only BZH-2A
Other Connection Cable
(Y Cable for Full-Servo Kit)
Connection Cable
(Cable for Semi-Servo Kit)
Flexible Cable BFC-36
Range Selector ERS-51B
Macro Remote Contorller EA-3A-10AB
OS-TECH Controller EA-12A-05BD
PC Connection Cable SA-206D-005
Lens Supporter  (For BTA Mount) ELH-112A-35A*1
  • *1 An external power supply is required when you use a supporter  (ELH-112A-35A)

Control Accessories for XA22x7BES (Minibox)

  Description Model Name
Focus Focus Position Demand Unit EPD-21A-A02
Mounting Clamp  MCA-7
Zoom Zoom Demand (Featured x2 Extender Remote) ERD-10A-D05A
Mounting Clamp  MCA-7
Other Lens Supporter  ALH-117C-02A