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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Information relating to the safe handling of our products such as their hazards, first aid measures, use of protective equipment, spill control, fire fighting measures, safe storage, transportation and disposal, is available in the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) according to the product grouping.


Color Negative Film

FUJIFILM offers a full range of chemicals for processing CN-16 negative films for minilabs, including New range of Cartridge chemicals system for 363 FA and 563 FA film processors.

Color Paper

FUJIFILM offers a wide range of FA processing chemicals including NEW range of Cartridge chemicals system for Frontier processors.

Color Reversal Film

FUJIFILM offers a full range of CR-56 chemicals for developing color reversal films.

Graphic Arts & Printing

Graphic Arts

FUJIFILM offers full line of advanced chemicals for FUJIFILM and other compatible rapid access processing system.


FUJIFILM offers a full range of chemicals for processing FUJIFILM and other compatible PS and CTP plates.

Inspectional Products

Industrial X-ray Chemicals (NDT)

FUJIFILM's range of Industrial X-Ray chemistries is designed specifically to work with FUJIFILM superior IX films to produce consistence and optimum image quality.


Medical X-ray Chemicals

AUTOMATIC X-RAY is an all-liquid chemistry in concentrated form for the processing of medical X-ray films in automatic roller transport processors.