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One Spray for Simple, Sustained Home Disinfection

Prevents Growth of Molds, Bacteria, Viruses.

With typical alcohol-based disinfectants, the alcohol evaporates immediately, so the effect is only temporary. With Fujifilm's Hydro Ag+, in addition to disinfection with 60% high-concentration alcohol, the power of silver provides long-lasting high disinfecting performance.

Recommended for These Types of People!

People who want to protect their children from bacteria, viruses
People who want to keep their home clean even when they're busy
People worried about common odors from pets, clothes, or trash
People who want to prevent athlete's foot

The Amazing Power of Silver! How Sustained Disinfection Works

Even after the alcohol evaporates, the silver ingredient suppresses the growth of microorganisms.

Silver halides have been used in the photographic film made by Fujifilm since its founding. Hydro Ag+ utilizes the unique technology cultivated through the long years of Fujifilm's silver research, resulting in never-before-seen persistent disinfection. This was originally developed for use in medical care and nursing facilities. The alcohol disinfects after wiping, and the silver ingredients form an antibacterial coating when it dries. This offers a strong, long-lasting disinfectant effect. The antimicrobial coating is superhydrophilic, which also prevents oil and protein stains!


Hydro Ag+ Alcohol Spray (alcohol 60%)