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Projector FP-Z5000

NEW Discontinued

Thanks to its small size and freely adjustable lens, the FP‑Z5000 can be installed for use in narrow corridors or rooms with low ceilings. Use it indoor events, shop displays, or way markers. This is 5000lm of projector.

Our unique folded lens with ultra-short throw and a wide lens-shift range are compact body, large-screen offer to create a sense of space.

Our revolutionary projector FP-Z5000


Product Feature 1

Projection can be made in various directions just by rotating the lens.

The world's first*1 folded two-axial rotatable lens is adopted. Just by switching the lens up and down, left and right, or front and back without rotating the unit, the projection can be achieved in all directions, either on the wall and screen or on ceiling and floor. Under the simple rotation of the lens, the vertical "portrait projection" can also be realized.

Product Feature 2

The highest level*1 of lens shift range in ultra-short throw projector market

Adopting the large-diameter aspherical lens, the highest level of lens shift range is realized. The position of the projected image can be adjusted within a wide range of ±82% vertically and ±35% horizontally (in 16:9 transverse projection). At the same time, a memory function is equipped to memorize the lens position corresponding to each direction.

A 100-inch projection can be achieved from the nearest projection distance of 75cm*2. Equipped with an ultra-short throw lens with the projection ratio TR*3 of 0.34, the maximum of 300-inch projection can be achieved from a short distance. Reducing the space between the projector and the screen, the construction can be done to make maximum use of exhibition space.

  • *1 According to Fujifilm as of February 13, 2019.
  • *2 Distance from lens to screen.
  • *3 「TR(Throw Ratio )」represents the ratio between the screen’s width and projection distance.

With ultra-short throw lens and the largest lens shift range

Optical zoom x1.1/Vertical direction supported /Suppress image distortion
[image} Z Projector FP-Z5000 lens shift range of +-82% (top/bottom) and +- 35% (right/left)

FUJINON bending method
(folded two-axial rotatable type)

Traditional Mirror method
(concave or convex mirror x 1 piece)

Product Feature 3

The projector can be placed vertically or horizontally.
After use, the lens can be retracted and the unit is compact.

As the projector can be placed vertically or horizontally, the way for its placement*4 can be selected in combination with the operating environment. It is a small unit with a thickness of 108mm. The retracted lens perfectly fits the projector body.

  • *4 When the projector is placed vertically, please use the stand that comes with it.
[photo] FP-Z5000 in horizontal position
[photo] FP-Z5000 in vertical position
[photo] FP-Z5000 lense
[photo] FP-Z5000 in horizontal position
[photo] FP-Z5000 power, function and setting buttons on side of projector
[photo] Top of FP-Z5000 in compact position with projector lens swiveled closed
[photo] FP-Z5000 in vertical position

White Model

Fujifilm releases "FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z5000 WHITE".*5
Suitable Colour for the use in museums, galleries,the space with white wall.

[photo] White FP-Z5000 in horizontal position with lens swiveled up
[photo] White FP-Z5000 in vertical position
[photo] Top of white FP-Z5000 in compact position with projector lens swiveled closed
  • *5 Accessories included(Remote controll,lens cap, 2 vertical installation stands etc.) are in common with FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z5000 BLACK.