Beauty Science Developed during Fujifilm’s Long History Underpins the Leading-edge, Proprietary Advancements Seen in ASTALIFT

ASTALIFT is built on the scientific knowledge cultivated by Fujifilm in the photographic field since its foundation. We strive to meet the desire for beauty using our proprietary, advanced cosmetics, which are based on four core areas of technology and research originally refined in a wholly different field, photography.

[photo] A dropper dispesning a drop of liquid in a glass container.


Photographic film is comprised of extremely thin layers. Extremely advanced nanotechnology, which was originally developed to precisely arrange various components, has become the core technology behind the uniqueness of ASTALIFT. The full potential of ingredients derived by applying nanotechnology ensures a blend that allows for their consistent and thorough penetration.

Collagen research

Just like skin, one of the main components of photographic film is collagen. Our knowledge of collagen, derived from film production, has proved very useful in the development of ASTALIFT.

Antioxidants and UV protection technology

Oxidization due to ultraviolet rays is a primary reason why color photos fade. Through our R&D to prevent fading, we have accumulated extensive knowledge about antioxidant components, and have developed proprietary technologies to protect against ultraviolet rays.

Optical analysis/control technology

Photography is the recording of light. The cutting-edge optical analysis/control technology we have developed is used to visualize within the skin and base makeup.

[photo] ASTALIFT IN-FOCUS Supreme Serum on a white background

ASTALIFT’s Supreme Serum
ASTALIFT IN-FOCUS Cell Active Serum is a multi anti-aging serum used to achieve a radiant, clear complexion with satisfactory elasticity, focusing on the skin’s natural healing power and strength.

[photo] An assorted collecton of ASTALIFT Skin Care products with a white background.
ASTALIFT Skin Care (Care to Achieve Resilient, Moisturized Skin)

Immediate, deep penetration power
Enhances elasticity and hydration

Astaxanthin and lycopene are great anti-oxidants and beauty-enhancing ingredients with red coloring, blended with care into skincare products. ASTALIFT skincare products deliver them to the skin utilizing Fujifilm’s proprietary nanotechnology.

[photo] 3 ASTALIFT WHITE Skin Care products with a white background.
ASTALIFT WHITE Skin Care (Care for Whitened, Resilient Skin)

Immediate, deep penetration power
Clear complexion with translucency

Proprietary whitening approach fundamentally prevents blemishes and dullness. Youthful, radiant complexion with translucency and elasticity.

[photo] 4 UV Care products with a white background
UV Care

Thoroughly shuts out UV rays, including the “longest wavelength UV rays” that penetrate deep into the skin. For a brighter, clearer complexion under sunlight.
Exclusive UV protectors developed through proprietary technology completely shut out UV rays, including the “longest wavelength UV rays” that penetrate deep into the skin, degrade skin elasticity, and cause pigmentation. For a brighter, clearer complexion under sunlight, thanks to rich beauty ingredients.

[photo] An assorted collection ASTALIFT Base Make Series with a white background
ASTALIFT Base Make Series

Controlling the effect of light for a brighter, clearer complexion
Optical analysis/control technology developed in Fujifilm’s photographic field is used for covering pores, blemishes, spots and dull complexion. For a brighter, clearer complexion achieved by blending proprietary light-analyzing powder to make the skin look more beautiful, with satisfactory translucency.