Beauty Science Developed during Fujifilm’s Long History Underpins the Leading-edge, Proprietary Advancements Seen in ASTALIFT

ASTALIFT is built on the scientific knowledge cultivated by Fujifilm in the photographic field since its foundation. We strive to meet the desire for beauty using our proprietary, advanced cosmetics, which are based on four core areas of technology and research originally refined in a wholly different field, photography.


Photographic film is comprised of extremely thin layers. Extremely advanced nanotechnology, which was originally developed to precisely arrange various components, has become the core technology behind the uniqueness of ASTALIFT. The full potential of ingredients derived by applying nanotechnology ensures a blend that allows for their consistent and thorough penetration.

Collagen research

Just like skin, one of the main components of photographic film is collagen. Our knowledge of collagen, derived from film production, has proved very useful in the development of ASTALIFT.

Antioxidants and UV protection technology

Oxidization due to ultraviolet rays is a primary reason why color photos fade. Through our R&D to prevent fading, we have accumulated extensive knowledge about antioxidant components, and have developed proprietary technologies to protect against ultraviolet rays.

Optical analysis/control technology

Photography is the recording of light. The cutting-edge optical analysis/control technology we have developed is used to visualize within the skin and base makeup.

ASTALIFT In- Focus Cellactive Serum

Rejuvenate your stem cells with a combination of two proprietary nano- ingredients – Nano Astaxanthin CP+ and Nano Cellactive. Restore the original power that lies within your skin itself.

ASTALIFT Renewal Series

Combining the powers of Nano- Astaxanthin, Nano- Lycopene and 3 functional collagens to boost antioxidation protection and delay skin ageing.

ASTALIFT Whitening Series

Achieve firm, glowy & translucent skin faster with Astalift White formulated with its proprietary tri-active whitening ingredient Nano AMA and enhanced Nano Oryzanol(a rice germ extract).

Lunamer Acne Care Series

The fragrance-free, no artificial coloring and on –comedogenic formula of the Lunamer AC which contains the proprietary ingredient “Acne Shooter” is specially formulated to combat acne with its unique triple action- Anti- inflammation to calm down redness or irritation, Unclogging pores by flushing out dead skin cells and moisturisation to prevent skin dehydration.


With its advanced technologies in anti-oxidation, collagen, light control and nano science, this innovative sunscreen provides versatile functions. From makeup base to UV protection, this beauty solution protects against skin ageing, destroys excessive melanin, promotes brighter complexion and enhances skin’s appearance immediately.

ASTALIFT Base Makeup

Light analysis and control technology for analyzing and manipulating light reflections has been applied to the field of ASTALIFT’S base makeup series.

ASTALIFT flarosso

Building on FUJIFILM's expertise in the colour technologies of photo processing, Astalift flarosso, co-developed with an Italian makeup team and inspired by the rich blush shades of flamingos perching daintily on one leg with composure.