Products Related to Infection Control Measures

We introduce our products that can be used in an environment where there are patients with COVID-19, etc., and methods for cleaning and disinfecting those products.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Diagnostic imaging systems, imaging devices, and image analysis systems that contribute to the / aid in the diagnosis of infection

FDR nano

The lightweight body with four wheel caster makes it possible to turn the X-ray unit around with little effort, enabling freedom  of movement even in narrow spaces. Hydro Ag antibacterial coating technology, which is more effective than conventional silver-based coatings, is utilized to assist infection control measures . While compact in size, FDR nano produces high-quality images.

  • Low dose  High-quality images
  • Easy to move
  • Easy mobility to support infection control measures  in isolated facilities

Synapse® 3D

Supports analysis through three-dimensional visualization of tomographic images of various internal organs. Can also be applied to chest CT images used in the diagnosis of respiratory illnesses, and effectively used to improve the efficiency of distinguishing the severity of the illness by utilizing various functions, such as volume measurement.

  • Clear visualization in three dimensions
  • Also applicable to chest CT images
  • Various measurement functions

Guide to cleaning and disinfecting products related to infection control measures

List of disinfectants that can be used

List of disinfectants that can be used on products.

List of disinfectants that can be used on the X-ray diagnostic imaging system (Intermediate-level disinfectant and above)