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An MRI system designed around the shape of the body to accommodate the broadest patient spectrum.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.


The Widest Wide Bore in the Industry

Echelon Oval brings together all the key attributes of a leading 1.5T MR system—patient comfort, accessibility, efficient workflow, and advanced clinical capabilities all covered by Fujifilm’s industry leading customer support.

With the Echelon Oval the next level in MRI is here.

  1. 74cm Oval Bore
    Provides a comfortable and spacious environment around the patient
  2. WIT Monitor
    Allows technologist to review and update patient information with ease

  3. Widest 1.5T Patient Table (63cm)
    Better patient accommodation and decreases anxiety

  4. In-Room Start/Pause
    Operator can start and pause scans at the patient’s side

  5. Wireless Gating
    Fast and simple connection verified with WIT monitor

  6. In Bore Lighting and Ventilation
    Enhances patient experience

  7. Digital Drive DX

    • A/D Conversion at Gantry
      Reduces signal loss and maximizes SNR
    • Optical Data Transmission
      Reduces noise and maximizes SNR
  1. HOAST
    Highest guaranteed homogeneity supported by Higher Order Active Shim Technology
  2. SoftSound
    Up to 90% reduction in audible noise

  3. WIT Coils
    Lightweight, multi-element design for high image quality, and easy positioning

  4. 3 Position Armboards
    Provides patient comfort, safety, and technologist workspace

  5. 7 Coil Plug-in Ports
    Supports head-first or feet-first positioning for all imaging

  6. 550lb Weight Limit
    Detachable table with vertical power motion

  7. IV Pole
    Deploys effortlessly when needed

Inspired By Your Patients

Echelon Oval continues Fujifilm’s commitment to patient-friendly imaging. The industry’s widest bore is complemented by the widest patient table, lowering to wheelchair height and featuring a 550lb. weight limit to accommodate the broadest variety of patient body types while maximizing patient comfort. A host of patient amenities including feet first imaging, adjustable in-bore lighting and ventilation further enhance the patient experience providing the highest level of patient comfort, security and accessibility.

The Oval’s revolutionary design merges outstanding patient and technologist benefits that stem from the exclusive ultra-wide oval bore with a suite of Workflow Integrated Technology (WIT) features, and leading-edge clinical capabilities. From patient arrival through exam completion Echelon Oval optimizes the entire process with comfort, efficiency and high performance imaging. 

Patient Comfort without Compromise

Designed around the shape of the body to accommodate the broadest patient spectrum, Echelon Oval embodies our innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to patient comfort without compromising image quality. Your anxious, claustrophobic, broad-shouldered or bariatric patients will experience greater comfort and peace-of-mind. 

Every patient type will benefit from Echelon Oval’s vast array of patient amenities. 


SynergyDrive for Efficient Workflow

SynergyDrive is the force behind optimizing  Echelon Oval workflow, comfort and quality, encompassing all aspects of the MRI exam.  SynergyDrive brings together Evolution Software and Workflow Integrated Technology (WIT) to provide efficient and reliable patient registration, patient positioning and preparation to quickly move to a suite of automated and easy to use scan planning, acquisition and post processing tools. 

Scan Set-up, Acquisition and Processing

  • Intelligent Parameter Guidance provides real time parameter suggestions
  • Image Quality Calculator advises on resolution, SNR, CNR, and scan time when scan parameters are adjusted
  • AutoPose automatically positions slices for efficiency and consistency from patient to patient 
  • CopyDrive for consistent slice positioning from sequence to sequence
  • Acquisition Plan enables one plane linked scan positioning with one click start
  • QuickScan protocols for brain, spine, knee and shoulder including a complete 5 minute brain exam 
  • Isotropic imaging allows one acquisition with unlimited reformats – 1 click MPR
  • FatSep provides in and out of phase along with fat and water only datasets in one short acquisition
  • Single screen advanced processing tasks
  • Auto generated MIP tool and DWI, ADC and DTI maps
  • Auto DICOM store to multiple destinations
  • Auto subtractions for dynamic studies

Simplified and fast patient registration

AutoPose saves time and provides consistent results



Industry Leading Support Services

Fujifilm’s support services provide unmatched benefits, while minimizing the total cost of ownership. As your preferred partner Fujifilm provides valuable services prior to your purchase including market assessment and site planning support; and once you begin installation of your Fujifilm product we provide you with application assistance and marketing support. Finally, after installation, you can expect unlimited applications training, service, and marketing support for your equipment and your staff. All this is backed by the industry-leading 99% uptime guarantee.

Installation and Rigging

During installation and rigging, Fujifilm will coordinate all activities as well as provide rigging assistance. We will work with you, your contractor, and architect to assure your final installation will meet all electrical and environmental requirements as well as go through a final construction and installation checklist.


Fujifilm gives you a great deal of help and support with unlimited applications training to ensure you get the most out of your MR, CT, and Ultrasound systems. Our training is thorough, yet concise; we also make sure your technologists keep current with the latest developments and enhancements.

Site accreditation

Fujifilm Applications Specialists provide an independent review of your images prior to submission to help ensure basic image quality and adherence to parameter guidelines.


The Fujifilm Advanced Marketing Program provides our customers strategic level creative marketing design at no cost. Many hospitals and imaging centers have taken advantage of this industry-unique added-value.  The Advanced Marketing Program provides strategic level creative marketing design unique to a facility’s branding campaign.