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Women's Health

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Supporting Women Through All Stages of Life.

During a lifetime, women need access to various screening options. Ranging from pregnancy checks, to fetal well-being, and oncological care of female organs like uterus, ovaries, and breast - Fujifilm tailors comprehensive solutions that support women through all stages of life.

From Early to Late Pregnancy Stages
From Early Screening to Treatment Plans

From Early To Late Pregnancy Stages

Image Optimization

The combination of our image processing, specialized probes, and superior image optimization work together to capture the subtlest of signals. Rest assure of crystal-clear, high resolution images for confident assessment of fetal well-being, and easy explanation of results to new parents.

Streamlined Examinations

Your data is just one click away with our AI-based automatic measurements for fetal biometry and the estimated fetal weight. What’s more? You can calculate the nuchal translucency, fetal heart rate and fractional shortening - all automatically. So when it comes to speeding up your exams, increasing accuracy and reducing your own stress… just let the system take the strain.

Fetal Heart Solutions

Congenital heart disease in infants is a challenging issue with structural cardiac anomalies often missed by prenatal ultrasound. To help improve detection rate, we offer a sophisticated fetal heart imaging package that goes beyond screening to give you clear visibility and valuable insights you need to deliver better patient outcomes.

3D/4D Imaging

Three- and four-dimensional imaging delivers photo-realistic images that can strengthen maternal-fetal bonding, as well as adding important clinical information to grasp complicated conditions, and give a thorough assessment of any deformation.

From Early Screening To Treatment Plans

Tools for Easy Visualization

To detect early signs of abnormalities, our ultrasound system and transducers are optimized to deliver the purest of images, and helpful features to make accurate diagnosis, and speedy breast examinations.

Tools for Precise and Successful Procedures

For the best treatment outcomes, we support you with tools that help you plan out the best procedures, and guidance to perform surgery with the highest accuracy.