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A diagnostic ultrasound system that combines performance and ergonomics.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Advanced Imaging Features

Broadband Harmonics (BbH), Silky Image Processing (SIP*1), Adaptive Image Processing (AIP*1), and Spatial Compound Imaging (SCI*1) support imaging excellence. Anatomy is displayed with outstanding sensitivity and resolution.


Blood flow mapping with eFLOW demonstrates vascularity with high spatial resolution and minimal blooming.

Free Angular M‐mode (FAM*1)

The M‐mode can be displayed in real time or reconstructed from the cine memory. Orientation at arbitrary angles can be achieved to allow for fetal position.

  • *1 The standard components and optional items differ depending on the country.

Intuitive Console Layout

The most frequently used controls are placed together on the operation panel to fit under the palm of your hand.

Single‐action Measurement Activation

By assigning the most common measurement functions to the keyboard, examination time can be minimized especially when multiple measurements are required.

Image Optimizer

With a single keystroke, F31 adjusts the B‐mode brightness and optimizes the spectral waveform automatically, based on the operator’s previously demonstrated preferences.

Auto Angle Correct

Automatic adjustment of beam‐toflow angle in PW Doppler mode dramatically improves measurement accuracy.