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A system with superior image quality, designed according to a variety of cardiovascular uses.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Attaining the next level in operability

The ergonomic design of the LISENDO 880LE minimizes operator fatigue. Supporting seamless workflow, the many easy-to-use functions shorten examination time and provide a more comfortable examination environment. As a result, the patient experience is also improved.

Adding the next level in operability, using HemoDynamic Structual Intelligence (HDSI)

LISENDO 880LE is equipped with a sophisticated automated cardiac function measurement package provided by the analysis based on our HDSI (HemoDynamic Structual Intelligence). High-precision automatic measurement can be achieved from adults to pediatrics.
The measurement package provides automated tools for complex cardiac function analysis, and it is expected to improve measurement accuracy.
The resultant ease-of-use and exam consistency achieved by HDSI offers benefits to both operators and patients.


  • Beat Mode:automated detection of End Diastolic & End systolic frames
  • Smart Cardiac Measurement 
    • Auto LV, LA and RA Volume and FAC  
    • Auto LA/AO (M-Mode)
    • Teichholz EF (2D and M-Mode)   
    • Trans M Flow, TDI PW
  • Doppler Cursor Assist:MV flow and Annulus cursor placement automatically


LV Volume (EF)

RA Volume

LA Volume

Automated ED-ES Detection

When this function is selected, ED and ES frames are automatically detected and displayed instantly. The combination of automated ED-ES detection and automatic measurement packages offers seamless workflow.

Intuitive Operating Console

The freeze button is located close to the trackball thereby bringing basic console operations together. Additionally, the core 5-switch arrangement around the trackball streamlines the workflow for intuitive performance of more advanced functions such as Cardiac 3D and cardiac function analysis.