A duodenoscope which supports efficient ERCP with less stress.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

ED-580XT / ED-580T

Improved treatment capability G-Lock

ED-580T and ED-580XT have the G-Lock incorporated at the distal end.
The G-Lock, containing the forceps elevator and the contact section, enables the guidewire to be fixed firmly with simple operation of the forceps elevator.
In addition, the specially designed round shaped forceps elevator leads to less damage to the guidewire.
The inner tube of the instrument channel uses an optimized material to make a device to be inserted smoothly.
This feature enables exchange of devices with less stress.
The combination of new G-Lock and smooth inner tube helps offering efficient ERCP procedures.

Improved 1 : G7 control portion and advanced force transmission

Intuitive operation

The G7 control portion has a rounded surface design to fit in the hand, and its button layout makes intuitive operation possible.

Advanced force transmission

With the optimized elastic material and the elasticity gradually increasing from the distal end to the control portion, the insertion portion enables more efficient transmission of pushing and rotating forces as intended by the physician.

Improved 2 : Increased angle of endotherapy devices

Case image of increased angle of endotherapy devices

The forceps elevator design offers increased maximum angle of endotherapy devices.
The movement of forceps elevator has good response for forceps elevator lever movement.

Improved 3 : Easier distal end cleaning

The single-use distal end cap permits easier brushing access to the distal end of the endoscope. In addition, the elevator wire is sealed to allow easier cleaning.


Improved operability

Easy to catch the papilla

The objective lens arrangement and bending performance have been properly arranged to catch the papilla easily from various endoscope positions.

Improved insertion capability of ERCP accessories into the papilla

Newly designed forceps elevator has been applied to enhance accessory control more precisely and securely, facilitating easier ERCP treatment.

Easy operability of the insertion portion

The stiffness of the insertion portion has been improved for easier stomach stretching and insertion capability.

Excellent image quality

FUJIFILM’s Super CCD, which has been exclusively developed for the endoscope, is built-in, providing clear images.

Improved cleaning and disinfection

Removable distal end cap*

The ED-530XT8 is equipped with a disposable distal end cap. lt enables brushing all channels and helps to improve the hygienic environment.

*ED-530XT8 only

Covered tilt-up mechanism

A covered tilt-up mechanism of the forceps elevator maintains the elevator wire clean without any additional cleaning procedure.