SupriaTM 32

Supria 32 meets healthcare needs – present and future.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

“Supria32” meets a comfortable work environment

Simple Dose Report

Dose information can be transferred to PACS as a secondary capture image. Using the PACS image viewer, the dose information can be checked together with the CT image.


Using the DICOM standard, it is possible to transfer dose information as a DICOM Structured Report (DICOM SR) to PACS, etc.

Small footprint with 3-unit configuration

Only gantry, patient table and operation console configuration*1 need to be installed. There are no other separate units with build-in system transformer, so the space in the CT room can be used effectively.  

  • *1 For power supply voltage 200V

Eco mode reduces stand-by power consumption

Supria 32 is equipped with On-time stand-by and Off-time modes.
These Eco modes reduce both the power consumption of the gantry equipment, and the energisation time of the X-ray detector, resulting in reduced power consumption during stand-by.