AIRIS™ Vento

The affordable open MRI system which boasts new solutions for speed and automation.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Operation made more efficient

Enhanced operability to support efficient and reliable diagnosis, including ease of operation and image sharing.


Supports correct image cross-section settings and reduces strain on the operator

AutoPose is a function that supports slice line parameters. This function allows faster set-up of the OM or AC-PC lines used in head examinations and reduces strain on the operator. Prior settings such as teach/register and 3D data acquisition are not required.

Unified, eye-friendly colour to minimize eye strain

A user interface that is easy to understand and operate

A soft celadon-based colour set, has been adopted for the GUI (Graphical User Interface). MRI imaging parameters that can be complex are more easily displayed on the Windows-based wide screen.

Customization of protocols

Curved MPR

User Interface (UI) suggestions

Radial MPR

DICOM Function

IHE PDI Function*1

  • *1 Optional.
  • *2 Cannot be used for diagnostic purposes.