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4K Studio / Field Lenses


4K Ultra HD 2/3” Lenses for Broadcast -UA Series-

Introducing the New Expanded 4K Broadcast Lens Lineup from FUJINON

[image] Concept of Fujinon 4K lenses which have high resolution, high dynamic range, high contrast, and chromatic aberration reduction

4K demands a higher dimension of performance, and the expanded FUJINON 4K broadcast lens lineup meets the challenge.
Extending the limits of “High Resolution”, “High Contrast”, “Chromatic Aberration Reduction” and “High Dynamic Range”, FUJINON’s cutting-edge optical technology presents the next standard in optical performance – image quality that exceeds the high expectations of imaging professionals.

[photo] Zoomed in example of HD versus 4K resolution comparison of the chest feathers of a small bird

High Resolution
Resolution that matches the ultra-fine pitch of 4K pixels results in crisp and crystal clear images.

[photo] Zoomed in example of HD versus 4K sharpness comparison of a building

High Contrast
Superb image sharpness is achieved by improving MTF even for low-frequency objects that are generally common in the image.

[photo] Zoomed in example of HD versus 4K chromatic aberration reduction comparison of the windows of an office building

Chromatic Aberration Reduction
The combination of fluorite ED (extra low dispersion)  and super ED lens elements minimizes color fringing and delivers clear, crisp images.

[photo] Example of HD versus 4K high dynamic range on a photo of a smiling woman sitting outdoors

High Dynamic Range
To take full advantage of the expanded dynamic range offered by HDR cameras, we rigorously suppress flare and faithfully transmit the important “blacks” in video image rendering.

Key technology

1. Multi-group zoom system
[image] Zoom group highlighted example

By employing a multi-group zoom structure, aberrations are suppressed over the entire zoom range from wide angle to telephoto, realizing high image quality.

2. Large-aperture aspherical lens
[image] Large-aperture spherical lens example

Using a high-precision large-aperture aspherical lens element ensures high MTF to the very edges of the image.

3. Improved surface accuracy
[image] Surface accuracy of HD lens versus 4K lens

Development of new polishing techniques and improvements in measurement precision achieve surface accuracy more than three times higher than that of HD, contributing to higher image quality.

4. New coating system
[image] Reflection versus almost no reflection in barrel

Adopting HT-EBC coating technology that achieves a low 0.2% reflection or less over a wide spectrum of wavelengths keeps surface reflection of the lens to the absolute minimum and makes it possible to render truer “blacks”.
 In addition, camera adjustment is easier because the transmittance balance is improved from the shortest to the longest visible wavelengths.

5. Development of new barrel design
[image] HT-EBC coating reflects less and increases transmittance of incident light to approx. 99.8%

Optimizing the shape of the lens barrel interior as well as its surface treatment effectively suppresses ghosting and flares.

Natural bokeh achieved with nine iris blades

By adopting nine iris blades, FUJINON 4K lenses achieve a nearly circular aperture. This makes it possible to render images taking full advantage of a softer, more natural bokeh.

[photo] Green, cloth umbrella in foreground with blurred hexagonal lights in background

Six iris blades

[photo] Green, cloth umbrella in foreground with blurred spherical lights in background

Nine iris blades