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This is a collection of examples of contact pressure conditoin using Prescale.
Eight examples of  Heat sealing, CMP polishing head, Suction jig for die bonding, Injection molding machines or molds, Panel polishing equipment, Heat sealing for lithium ion batteries, Pressure bonding device for conductive film in photovoltaic cells and Brade pressure are posted.

Table of contents

(1) Equipment settings when changing products, equipment maintenance on Heat Sealing

Industry: Packaging for food, Pharmaceutical products and other applications
Challenges: Poor seals include imperfect seals that are not bonded and false seals that appear to be bonded occur since trial-and-error is the only method to check pressure.
Benefits of Prescale: Reduce of material loss, Time saving

(2) Verifying CMP polishing head contact uniformity

Industry: Semiconductor production
Challenges: Insufficient accuracy or defective products occur frequently because of the production continues despite unresolved instances of poor polishing or other issues including inadequate contact precision.
Benefits of Prescale: Quality improve, Time saving

(3) To reduce mistakes when removing and transporting chips in suction jig for die bonding

Industry: Semiconductor manufacturing (die bonding)
Challenges: It the suction nozzle is not applied evenly to the semiconductor chips, problems may occur when the chips are removed, or the chips may become flawed.
Benefits of Prescale: Reduce of low quality product loss, Material loss

(4) Adjustment of molds and injection molding machines

Industry: Molding, Mold making, Injection molding machine manufacture
Challenges: Excessive contact pressure, the failure of parts to make necessary contact, or the generation of burrs may occur since molds are composed of multiple parts and dimensional errors of each part tend to accumulate in the thickness direction.
Benefits of Prescale: Longer mold life, Higher component yield, Malfunction analysis

(5) To check pressure uniformity between the polisher stage and polishing sheet of the Panel polishing equipment

Industry: LCDs production
Challenges: To prevent air bubbles may form it is very important to maintain sufficient, uniform pressure between the panel and the polishing sheet.
Benefits of Prescale: Reduce of low quality product loss, Time saving

(6) Preparing bonding (heat sealing) equipment for sealing aluminum laminate films for lithium batteries

Industry:Lithium ion battery
Challenges: If the heat bar is improperly balanced during the bonding process, defective adhesion of the aluminum film may result, causing electrolyte leakage and personal injury risks.
Benefits of Prescale: Time saving, Fewer defects

(7) Setting the pressure bonding device for bonding conductive film in photovoltaic cells

Industry:  Photovoltaic cells
Challenges:  All products will be discarded when pressure-bonding failure occurs, since the conductive film cannot be removed once bonded.
Benefits of Prescale: Improve quality, Reduce crimping defects, Improving yield

(8) Inspection of blade pressure when starting, or  Analysis of blade pressure when uneven coating thickness occurs

Industry: Film
Challenges: Uneven coating thickness occurs due to the variation in blade pressing force.
Benefits of Prescale: Improve quality, Reduce matrial loss