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Application examples by industry type

Batteries (PV/FC/LiB)


This is a collection of examples of batteries.
Seven examples of Vacuum laminaor, Cell lamination, Sealing aluminum, Rollers for pressing electode plates, Bonding conductive film in photovoltaic cells, Vacuum heat pressure and Risk assesment for collaborative robots are posted.

Table of contents

(1) Setting of vacuum laminator

Industry: Solar cells (Photovoltaic module manufacturing)
Challenges: If the press pressure is not even when this is done, defects will occur, such as damage to cells or wrinkles in the protective film.
Benefits of Prescale: Reduce of material loss, Time saving

(2) Checking uniformity of cell lamination load distribution

Industry: Fuel cell manufacture
Challenges: Problems such as lower power generation efficiency or fuel leaks may occur if the clamp load is too low/high.
Benefits of Prescale: Lower defect rate, Higher quality, Better maintenance

(3) Preparing bonding (heat sealing) equipment for sealing aluminum laminate films for lithium batteries

Industry: Lithium ion battery
Challenges: If the heat bar is improperly balanced during the bonding process, defective adhesion of the aluminum film may result, causing electrolyte leakage and personal injury risks.
Benefits of Prescale: Time saving, Fewer defects

(4) Inspection  for damage or alignment of rollers used for pressing electrode plates

Industry: Smartohones, EVs
Challenges: If the rollers are not parallel, the thickness of the electrode plate varies between the right and left.
Benefits of Prescale: Optimum tool to perform scheduled quality inspection

(5) Setting the pressure bonding device for bonding conductive film in photovoltaic cells

Industry: Photovoltaic cells
Challenges: All products will be discarded when pressure-bonding failure occurs, since the conductive film cannot be removed once bonded.
Benefits of Prescale: Improve quality, Reduce crimping defects, Improving yield

(6) Verification of pressure uniformity of vacuum heat pressure devices

Industry: Electronic components, OLEDs, touchscreens, print circuit boards, equipment such as semiconductors that are used as manufacturing and development machines
Challenges: The devices are expected or required to maintain as uniform surface pressure as long as possible to improve the quality of processed products.
Benefits of Prescale: Reduce of pressure failure or yield, Quality improvement

(7) Perform appropriate risk assessment for collaborative robot by comparing the pressure value when collision occurs between human with an international standard.

Industry: Electronic components, Automotive, Packaging 
Challenges: Need to appropriate a risk assesment for adopting a new collaborative robot. 
Benefits of Prescale: Able to measure pressure and power with high accuracy