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Ultraviolet light distribution measurement film



Ultraviolet light distribution measurement film UVscale

This film visualizes UV light distribution by its color density.

UVSCALE is a film that responds to UV light, and changes color depending on the amount of light it is exposed. This makes it easy to see UV light distribution. There are a roll type and a sheet type, with three types for different amounts of light.

Type Product size Light Level Light reduction film Thickness
Roll type
(width × length)
Sheet type
(height × width)
UVSCALE LM 270mm×5m 270mm×200mm
(5 sheets)
Low(UVSCALE L) Non-use 0.1mm
Medium(UVSCALE M) use 0.1mm×2
UVSCALE H High(UVSCALE H) use 0.1mm×2

Effective light measurement range for each types

Measurable lamp Type Light Level Effective light amount measurement range*1(mJ/cm2)
High-pressure mercury lamp UVSCALE LM Low 4-200
Medium 50-2000
UVSCALE H High 800-40000
Metal hallde lamp UVSCALE LM Low 6-200
Medium 30-1000
UVSCALE H High 700-20000
Low-pressure mercury lamp UVSCALE LM Low 20-3000
UV-LED lamp(365nm) UVSCALE LM Low 200-6000
Medium 300-7000
UVSCALE H High 5000-100000
  • * Applies to wavelengths in the 200 to 420 nm range
  • * This does not guarantee the absolute values of UV light values.
  • *1 The measurement ranges mentioned above are for when FUD-7010E is used. The amount of light range that can be visually checked is the density on standard color samples (0.30 to 0.75).

UV light distribution analysis system FUD-7010J

Management by converting colors into numeric values with analysis systems.

In this system, exclusive analysis software is used along with a special scanner. The system makes it possible to scan the color of UVSCALE, convert it into UV light values, analyze UV light distribution, and save them.
The separation accuracy of the densities can be improved so sections that cannot be judged visually can be analyzed. Managing numerical data can have the following advantages:Internal inspection standards can be set. Analysis results can be shared. Digitizing data makes it possible to compare it to past data.

Product name/Model

FUD-7010E Ver. 1.3


Dedicated software (CD-ROM), Dedicated cover, Calibration sheet

Main functions

Analyzing UVSCALE images (measuring amount of accumulated light, displaying light distribution, saving data, CSV data export)

Measurable UV lamp

High-pressure mercury lamp, metal halide lamp, low-pressure mercury lamp, UV-LED (365 nm)

Applicable scanner

Epson A4 Scanner: Perfection V37/V370 , Perfection V60


0.125mm(200dpi), 0.032mm(800dpi)

System requirements

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32/64 bit), CPU 2 GHz or higher, Memory 2 GB or more, Disk space 2 GB or more,
Display 1024 x 768 60,000 colors or more

Please see the "Product page" for detailed information on functionality, usage, maintenance/repair service, etc. of FUD-7010E. You can also download trial versions and update to the latest version of the products from this web page.