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The 64ch/128slice CT system provides images with excellent visibility - even at low doses.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

High Speed & Quality

Outstanding technologies to achieve both high-speed scanning and high-quality images.

Fully Digital HV Detector

The HV Detector system and optical systems are newly designed. The detector contributes to the production of high quality images by reducing electrical noise, power consumption, and weight reduction.

Noise reduction 

MaxiLight technology makes it possible to eliminate the need for analog wiring between boards making the HV Detector fully digital. The Fully Digital HV Detector reduces electrical noise by up to 40% compared to a conventional detector*1.

  1. A/D converter module
  2. Scintillator array
  3. Photodiode array
  4. Circuit board
Reduced power consumption

The HV Detector reduces power consumption by 45% compared to a conventional detector*1, as the HV Detector has no analog wiring between circuit boards.
It further reduces power consumption by using the "Off-time mode" that cuts off the power while maintaining the performance of the X-ray detector.
As a result, the detector reduces the total power consumption by up to 78%.

  1. Power saving up to 45%
    (Reduction of power consumption in X-ray detection circuit)
  2. Off-time mode
  3. Nighttime power consumption
    (power consumed even when the device power is turned off)

The detector has improved system reliability compared to a conventional detector*1 by eliminating analog wiring between circuit boards. Its weight has also been reduced by 30%.

  • *1 Data compared with SCENARIA CT system.