For Security

Fish-eye Lenses

We have realized the world's first fisheye lenses that provide wide-angle 185-degree omnidirectional coverage for cameras equipped with 5-megapixel CCDs. The use of an f-Theta system optimized for uniform image display results in clear, crisp images that support easy processing by image software to produce high-image-quality displays.


HD Varifocal Lenses

High-resolution lenses for use in security systems for which demand has grown in recent years. These lenses boast super clear imaging for high face recognition rates from the center to the edges. Lenses can be selected for a variety of purposes and locales, including those that support 1.3-megapixel standards.

Product Information

1.3MEGA Manual Iris
1.3Megapixel Support Auto Iris (DC Type)

Varifocal Lenses

With AT aspheric surface technology at its core, we are constantly producing new standards for macro lenses; for example, lenses with an aperture ratio of F0.95, lenses for day and night cameras, and miniature lenses that support dome applications. Our line-up includes 1/2-inch lenses that are superior in terms of optical performance.


HD Zoom Lenses

We are expanding the lineup with lenses for night vision cameras and lenses with super zoom (e.g. 60×), long focal length (e.g. 2200mm) or high resolution (e.g. 2 megapixels) demanded for long range surveillance. Small and lightweight lenses enable compact long range surveillance systems to be built.


Zoom Lenses

With the adoption of high-precision TRI-CAM + INNERCAM technology, we offer an expanded lineup of products to meet ever more diversified needs. Models capable of zoom and focus presetting, and also those that support the RS-232C standard that enable sophisticated control by computer are also available.