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eXceed Series Remote Control lens

XA20sx8.5BEMD is cost effective remote control lens with x2 extender. Focal length is covered from 8.5 to 167mm (or 15.2 to 260mm with 2x extender)
Remote control lens for use in Teleconferencing, Tower Cam and other applications requiring full analog remote control of zoom, focus and iris. Remote control via Fujinon lens standard controllers, Pan / Tilt units or third party controllers is possible.


  • Standard-Telephoto focal length coverage 8.5-130mm
  • HD Optical Performance
  • Latest EBC coatings for improved optical performance
  • External extender remote change is optionaly avialable


Model Name XA20sx8.5BMD
Focal length 8.5-170mm
Zoom ratio 20x
Extender -
Maximum relative aperture (F-no.) 1 : 1.8 (8.5-113mm) / 1 : 2.7 (170mm)
Minimum object distance (M.O.D.) from front lens 0.9m
Macro Standard
Filter thread M82 x 0.75
Size (φ x Length) φ85 x 200.8mm
Mass (without lens hood) 1.47kg