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Fujifilm Group's Technologies and Priority Business Fields

Since its foundation, Fujifilm Group has accumulated versatile fundamental technologies related to organic/inorganic materials chemistry, imaging, optics and analysis via our experience in the photosensitive material and xerography areas. Through combination of these assets and proprietary core technologies which lead to outstandingly competitive cost and quality, we provide a variety of excellent products and services. We also keep creating new businesses to contribute to a better future.

[Diagram] Fujifilm Group's Technologies and Priority Business Fields

Fundamental and Core Technologies

To keep offering long-lasting values, we are always refining our fundamental technologies and expanding our core technologies.
Fundamental technologies are the basis of our business activities to satisfy our customers' needs. Core technologies, which make Fujifilm competitive in the production of incomparable products, play a central role in our activities to create new values together with customers.

Fujifilm Group's Core Technologies

Grain Formation Technology

Controls the build-up of granular particles

Functional Molecules Technology

Technologies to change molecular structures of organic compounds freely and manufacture low moleculars that make seemingly impossible possible

Functional Polymer Technology

Technologies to change molecular structures of organic compounds freely and manufacture polymers that make seemingly impossible possible

Redox Control Technology

Controls the continuous reactions of organic and inorganic compounds

Nano Dispersion Technology

Mixes immiscible substances homogeneously as a stable state, to maximize their functions

High-precision Coating Technology

Enables a large volume of wide and uniform monolayer / multilayer coating film to be produced

Film Formation Technology

Creates monolayer / muiltilayer / 3D structured film

High-precision Forming Technology

Shapes materials in highly precise molds

Imaging Technology

Captures subjects and converts the images into digital data

System Design

Offers stable high quality images fast

MEMS Technology

Enables the design and manufacture of mechanical components by applying unique piezoelectric film


Technologies which materialize preventive care, diagnosis and medical treatment utilizing intrinsic functions of living organisms

Fujifilm Group's Fundamental Technologies

Material Chemistry

Enables control of molecular structures and the state of compounds to create new materials that make seemingly impossible possible


Capturing images of various things or phenomena, and manipulating and processing information to present them in easy-to-observe forms


Enables optical design, simulation and measurement


Identification of mechanism by taking full advantage of analysis technology

Other Fundamental Technologies

Biochemistry / Mechanical Design / Production System / Software / Electrical, Electronic