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R&D Structure


Fujifilm’s Research and Development (R&D) structure consists of two axes: the “Divisional Laboratories,” which are directly under the control of each business divisions and conduct R&D directly related to the businesses, and the “Corporate Laboratories,” which are responsible for the R&D of fundamental technologies from a group-wide perspective. As for the R&D pursued by the two laboratory groups, not only do the members of both groups gather to discuss and collaborate in their respective fields, but also they regularly hold technical discussions based on future business directions at the Technology Strategy Meeting chaired by the CTO, involving the management and the directors of each laboratory.

Outline of Organizational Structure

Corporate Laboratories: Pursuit of New Products/Creation of Fundamental Technologies
Frontier Core-Technology Laboratories
Synthetic Organic Chemistry Laboratories
Informatics Research Laboratory
Analysis Technology Center
Process Engineering & Technology Center
Imaging Technology Center
Divisional Laboratories: Pursuit of Development Directly Related to Businesses
Medical Systems Research & Development Center
Bio Science & Engineering Laboratories
Electronics Materials Research Laboratories
Display Materials Research Laboratories
Highly Functional Materials Research Laboratories
Recording Media Development Center
Graphic Communication Laboratories
Advanced Marking Research Laboratories
Imaging Soutions Development Center

Advanced Research Laboratories, hubs that fuse technology and knowledge

The Fujifilm Advanced Research Laboratories was established in April 2006 in Kaisei-machi, Kanagawa Prefecture, as an “open venue” that eliminates barriers between technical fields and organizations, aiming to conduct original, cutting-edge research with an eye to the future.

Under the concept of “‘New value creation through fusion and creation,’” researchers, businesspeople and designers from various fields confront each other and engage in active discussions and projects to create new and differentiated technologies and value.