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Understanding your Digital Advertising Audience with Fujivision and Quividi

Did you know that you can now instantly measure the success of your digital creative content? With the integration of Quividi audience measurement software and the Fujivision Signagelive cloud CMS solution you can do just that! And here’s how it works:

By integrating the two solutions we can provide real time analysis on who is engaging with your campaigns. This is done on an asset by asset level, where you can directly compare one ad to the next, gaining insights on the size of the audience, potential viewers, and actual engagement ratios. If an ad is not getting enough attention, you can simply revise and replace it as required in real time, whereas previously you would have to wait for a sales report weeks later, only to find out that the content failed to deliver.

You can also now appreciate the effectiveness of segment marketing where you are targeting a particular demographic with your advertising. The AI engine accurately captures data including your viewers’ age, gender, mood, etc, allowing marketing teams to instantly gauge how the content is working to attract the desired consumer groups and even how they feel about the content.

By using intelligent analysis, you can also dynamically trigger advertising for specific products or services to the respective watchers that is tailored to their demographic.

If we take this one step further, we can provide a customised interactive experience, where the signage actually responds and interacts with the audience, providing theatre and engagement at the highest level. By creating decision trees with the appropriate responses, the viewer can feel as if they are visually communicating with signage, which develops a personal connection with the content, leaving a lasting impressionable experience, which is the ultimate goal of advertising in any medium. To see personalisation in action, just watch this example of how GMC employed Interactive Facial Detection technology in a DOOH Campaign in the USA.

For more information on how this technology can bring your digital campaigns to life, please contact the team at Fujivision to help you transform your current digital platform, into an intelligent, interactive, and productive marketing machine.