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Useful Articles

Shine Brighter with LED Signage & Display Screens

Chances are you’ve heard of LEDs a billion times. But do you know what LED really means and how it can be beneficial when it comes to boosting your content visibility through digital signage?

What are the advantages of an integrated digital signage solution?


At Fujivision, we offer a fully integrated end-to-end digital signage solution. What do we mean by that? Well, simply put, we work with you to implement and manage your digital signage - from start to finish - and then some. 

5 Best Practices for Creating Digital Signage Content

You’ve decided to switch your traditional POS, menu boards or signage to digital screens – that’s great! Now you need to make sure your content stands out from the crowd and attract your audience’s attention.

How Digital Signage Can Make Your Marketing More Effective

It’s no secret that the face of marketing is changing. Print magazines are being replaced with online content, TV ads with on-demand streaming services. So it makes sense that Retail Industry is opting for digital signage over static POS material...

Fujivision Introduces Digital Signage Audience Analytics

Have you ever wondered how your digital signage is performing for you? Fujifilm Australia has been working with world class audience analytics vendor Quividi to integrate real time metrics in to its Fujivision digital signage solution. 

How to switch from traditional POS to digital signage: A Practical Guide

By taking a walk down your local high street or through a shopping centre, you’re highly likely spot digital signage promoting a store’s offering. Similarly walk into a hotel, a gym or an airport and you’ll see digital signs aplenty providing customers with directions, important information or latest offer details.

Understanding your Digital Advertising Audience with Fujivision and Quividi

Did you know that you can now instantly measure the success of your digital creative content? With the integration of Quividi audience measurement software and the Fujivision Signagelive cloud CMS solution you can do just that! And here’s how it works: